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New national political party: The Humane Party

Thanks to Ballot Access News for the tip.

from the Humane Party web-site:

Five Things that Make Us Unique

The Humane Party is a new political party in the United States of America.  We are the first American political party committed to the rights of all animals, not just the human kind.… Read more ...

Third Party and Independent Candidates for Office, 2010

List compiled by Damon Eris and originally posted at Poli-Tea. Emailed to IPR.

Frustrated by recent attempts to locate a single source listing declared or potential third party and independent candidates for office in 2010, I decided to compile one myself focusing on races for governor, senate and congressional seats.… Read more ...

July 4th, 2009: National protest to register independent

The initiator of this project is “ReTeaParty“, a project of The Political Exploration and Awareness Committee PAC (“PEAC”), a non-partisan group. PEAC’s web site states that they are “a political action committee that campaigns on behalf of issues, candidates, and potential candidates that promote honesty and Constitutional leadership.”

from the ReTea Party.comRead more ...

Green Party (GP-US) National Committe vote update

This story is based on a report at Green Party Watch.

The Green Party of the United State National Committee, which includes representatives from the affiliated states and caucuses, recently finished a round of voting which passed some important resolutions.

Resolution 382, which restates the GPUS opposition to the death penalty in light of recent support for the death penalty by the Mexican Green Party was passed with a vote of 80 in favor, 35 opposed and 17 abstentions

Resolution 383, which would allow annual meeting delegates not at the meeting in person to vote on party leadership via the Internet failed with a vote of 56 in favor, 48 opposed and 14 abstentions.… Read more ...

Hawaii Nader case will be revived

from Ballot Access News
Hawaii Nader Case Will be Revived
March 30th, 2009

Ralph Nader’s 2004 Hawaii ballot access case has been in the 9th circuit since last year. The chief issue is whether it is constitutional for Hawaii to require six times as many signatures for an independent presidential candidate as for an entire new party.

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Court supports loyalty oaths for candidates

(excerpt from) Fox8.com/AP
Appeals court sides with Texas Democrats, says loyalty oath permissible for ballot access
March 24, 2009

An appeals court says the Texas Democratic Party can impose a loyalty oath on candidates seeking the party’s nomination — rejecting a challenge by former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich of Ohio.

A three-judge panel of the 5th U.S.

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New Mexico eases primary ballot access burden

from Ballot Access News
New Mexico Eases Primary Ballot Access Burden for Some Candidates
March 21st, 2009

On March 17, the New Mexico legislature passed SB 3, which says that candidates for certain offices who are seeking a place on a primary ballot no longer need a petition. The only offices affected are District Judge, District Attorney, State Board of Education, Public Regulation Commission, and Magistrate, all partisan offices.

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Court upholds ban on petitioning for candidates on interior Post Office sidewalks

(excerpt from) Ballot Access News
First Circuit Upholds Ban on Petitioning for Candidates on Interior Post Office Sidewalks
March 18th, 2009

On February 25, the First Circuit upheld a Post Office regulation that, in effect, bans petititioning to place a candidate on a ballot on interior Post Office sidewalks. Del Gallo v Parent, 08-1511.

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