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Posts tagged as “cannabis”

Darryl Perry: ‘California’s Proposition 19: Yes We Cannabis’

By Darryl W. Perry
Chair, Boston Tea Party National Committee:

This fall Californians will be able to vote to completely legalize the herb commonly called “marijuana”. NBC Los Angeles reports the “California Chamber of Commerce on Thursday released a legal analysis that claims Proposition 19 would lead to more workplace accidents by forcing employers to let workers smoke pot on the job.”… Read more ...

Steve Kubby: Cannabis medicines could save millions of lives

Cannabis Medicines Could Save Millions of Lives
by Steve Kubby

Millions of people die each year from diseases that could be largely prevented or minimized by cannabinoid medicines.

The science is irrefutable. We now have thousands of peer-reviewed, scientific studies that have emerged and clearly show how cannabinoids can be used to treat, reverse and even prevent many of our worst diseases.… Read more ...