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California Alternative Parties: poll, debate, school mock elections

Ballot Access News:

Field Poll Shows California Gubernatorial “Other” Candidates at 5%

On October 28, the Field Poll released a gubernatorial poll for California. The poll did not mention all 6 candidates on the ballot. It merely asked respondents if they favor the Democratic nominee, the Republican nominee, or a minor party nominee.

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Polling Shows Little Support for Minor Party Nominees in CA

The Public Policy Institute of California will be co-sponsoring a future gubernatorial debate, and has a stated policy of only inviting candidates who demonstrate at least 10% support in a neutral poll to such an event. In order to provide for this, earlier this month the group polled the gubernatorial and senate races and included all nominees on the ballot.… Read more ...

Alexander receives SPUSA endorsement for CA governor

2008 Socialist Party USA vice-presidential nominee and California state party chair Stewart Alexander has received the endorsement of his national party in seeking the Peace and Freedom Party nomination for governor of California. From Alexander’s press release:

Alexander’s political career spans over three decades; working for the Florida Consumer Action Network in the mid 80s working as a consumer activist, and running as a candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles in 1989.

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Socialist vote for Mayor of Los Angeles reaches record high

from Ballot Access News
Socialist Vote for Los Angeles Mayor in 2009 is Highest Since Before World War II

June 12th, 2009

Los Angeles elects its Mayor in the spring of the odd years that follow presidential election years. The Socialist Workers Party has run a candidate for Mayor in all Los Angeles elections, starting in 1945, except that it didn’t run in 1997.… Read more ...

Los Angeles socialist mayoral candidate results

Two candidates from nationally organized socialist parties we cover at IPR competed yesterday in Los Angeles’ mayoral election.

Carlos Alvarez (IPR coverage here) of the Party for Socialism and Liberation garnered 2,483 votes for 1.08% of the vote.

Former Socialist Workers Party presidential nominee and some-time presidential stand-in James Harris (IPR coverage here) took 2,057 votes, 0.89%.… Read more ...

PSL member running for Mayor of Los Angeles

The Party for Socialism and Liberation is a running a mayoral candidate in Los Angeles this coming year, 22 year old Carlos Alvarez:

Carlos is an anti-war activist and leader of the ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism). He has helped bring tens of thousands of people to the streets to stop the Iraq war and most recently, to fight California’s bigoted, anti-LGBT Prop.

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