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Mark Rutherford Defeats Carolyn Marbry to Become Vice Chair of Libertarian Party

The election for Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party took place immediately after the election of Mark Hinkle as Chairman. The contest pitted Mark Rutherford, of Indiana, against Carolyn Marbry, of California. The final results, after one round of voting, were:

Mark Rutherford: 285
Carolyn Marbry: 201… Read more ...

Carolyn Marbry: ‘Floor FREE! But we’re not through yet’

by Carolyn Marbry

Many of us wrote resolutions and campaigned very hard to bring the required floor fee issue to the attention of the states and their delegates and to get people to speak out against it. Many of us argued passionately against the convention floor fee online and in person.… Read more ...

Carolyn Marbry: ‘Straight talk on “gay” marriage’

Posted by Carolyn Marbry at Liberty For All:

Back in 2008, many of us tried really hard to defeat California’s Proposition 8, which added a clause to the California state constitution defining marriage as being between one man and one woman. My partner and I stood on street corners with a lot of other activists waving “No on 8″ signs at passing cars, making a game of counting how often we were flipped off or called any of a number of colorful names by those who so vigorously supported “traditional family values.”… Read more ...

Libertarian National Committee races

National Chair: Bill Redpath, incumbent, not seeking reelection, although he may run for a different position on the LNC.

Known candidates: Wayne Root
Mark Hinkle (1, 2)

George Phillies (1, 2)
Ernest Hancock: I’ve not found an article, but I saw an email response from him on a yahoo group (can’t remember exactly where or when) that “of course” he would run for LNC chair in 2010.… Read more ...

Carolyn Marbry Declares for Libertarian National Committee Vice Chair


Ontario, California – Libertarian activist Carolyn Marbry today announced that she is a candidate for Libertarian National Committee Vice Chair.

“This is such an exciting time to be a Libertarian,” Ms. Marbry said. “The coming decades will bring tremendous opportunities to the party as Americans grow more and more disillusioned with bank bailouts, the flagrant destruction of the right to marry for an entire group of Americans, attacks on our second amendment rights and never-ending wars, among other things.… Read more ...

Keaton/Shinghal 2012 announces cabinet intentions

Via vice-presidential contender Michelle Shinghal’s blog comes an early look at one potential Libertarian cabinet:

Keaton has been quite the busy bee so she’s asked me to announce our cabinet. Obviously we realize that this step is usually taken after winning not only a party nomination but the White House but we feel that you can never be too prepared.

Read more ...