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Independent Maine state legislator introduces bill on Earth Day to fund commuter rail from casino revenue

Ben Chipman represents Portland in the Maine legislature’s lower house. He has been a Green Party activist for years and was elected as an independent. On his facebook, he said, “On Earth Day I am proud to release a bill to fund commuter rail service! Whatever your position is on the casino, if it is going to be built I think it is important that the revenue go towards worthy projects that reduce our carbon footprint.”… Read more ...

Green Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and progressive city council coalition defeat casino proposal

An email from Gayle McLaughlin, the Green mayor with the largest constituency in the US, from Richmond, California:

Dear Friends,

At 12:30 a.m. this morning (after a long City Council meeting that started at 6:30 pm last night), we approved a resolution to discontinue consideration of a casino use for Point Molate.Read more ...

Huffington Post: ‘Richmond California’s Green Party Victory’

From the Huffington Post:

The 422 acres of spectacular bay-facing green space, wildlife habitat and submerged eel grass meadows known as Point Molate is the site of an historic wine port and village that later became part of a Navy fuel oil depot before the Navy sold it to the city in 2003 for one dollar.

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