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Cecile Lawrence: The “I”- Word, the Media and Health Care Reform

Published on the Green Papers, the official organ of the Green Party, on May 28th.

OpEd News
by Cecile Lawrence

Last Thursday (May 23, 2013), the politically-focused media outlet The Hill reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had made the statement that undocumented immigrants who become U.S. citizens under immigration reform will not have access to “Obamacare” or Medicaid [1].… Read more ...

Green Party’s 2011 Annual National Meeting will feature Green candidates from New York and other states, as well as anti-hydrofracking leaders and other Green activists

A press release from the Green Party of the United States, including a list of 2011 candidates who will be at the event:

The meeting will take place August 5-7 at Green Fest in Alfred, western New York; Greens will begin planning for the 2012 elections, including the presidential race; Elizabeth May, Canadian Green member of Parliament, and economist David C.Read more ...

Half Million Votes for Green Senate Candidates

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch

The eleven Green Party candidates on the ballot this year for US Senate netted a combined half million votes. The 510,000 votes is the highest combined total for Green Party Senate candidates since 2000, when Medea Benjamin won 326,000 votes for US Senate in California and Vance Hansen picked up over 100,000 in Arizona.… Read more ...

In NY, ‘Green Party candidates tout support for the people’

From PressConnects.com of Greater Binghamton:

“I don’t run away from people the way the Democrats and Republicans tend to do,” said Cecile Lawrence, Green Party candidate for the seat held by U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.

“We care about people, we care about New York and we care about the country,” she said.

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Citing Wikileaks files, Greens urge Congress to pass Kucinich-Paul bill for withdrawal of US troops from Pakistan

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com by the Green Party US national HQ and posted at Green Party Watch by Dave Schwab:

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders and candidates are urging Congress to pass House Resolution 301 to remove US forces from Pakistan. The privileged resolution was introduced by Reps. Dennis Kucinich (D-Oh.)… Read more ...

Binghamton TV profiles NY Green candidates for US Senate, Lt. Gov, Comptroller

Posted by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Channel 34 in Binghamton has a detailed profile of candidates nominated for statewide office at the New York Green Party’s convention, including Colia Clark and Cecile Lawrence for US Senate, Gloria Mattera for Lt. Governor as Howie Hawkins‘ running mate, and Julia Willebrand for Comptroller:

The Green Party state convention in Albany last weekend nominated a full slate of candidates for statewide office in New York this November.

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