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Charles Wheelan’s Centrist Party Gets Publicity

From Ballot Access News, June 30, 2013:

See this story about the Centrist Party and its founder, Professor Charles Wheelan of Dartmouth. The story also includes an interview with Ken Block, founder of Rhode Island’s Moderate Party, which is ballot-qualified in Rhode Island.

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New Centrist Party Called “American Party” Forming In South Carolina

American Party tries to grab hold in South Carolina

By Sujata Jain

Published June 13, 2013 on life5news.com


South Carolina voters may have another option on the ballot in 2014 as the American Party tries to grab hold in the state.

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Washington Post Columnist Calls for Centrist Third Party Movement

From Matt Miller at the Washington Post via Third Party and Independent Daily:

I’m a Clinton White House alum who had hoped President Obama could usher in the debate we need. It’s hardly all his fault that we’re not there, but I’m convinced the parties’ interest groups and “thought police” make real progress impossible without a new force that shakes things up.

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Reform Party update

Top google news results for “Reform Party” related to the USA:


PICAYUNE — Libertarian Fourth Congressional District candidate Tim Hampton, in his second visit to Picayune in a month on Thursday, said that voters are looking for “fresh faces” and are tired of the “same old professional politicians who do nothing but tax and spend and ignore the hard working middle class.”

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