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In NYC: Former Governor Candidate Charles Barron among activists arrested at school-closings protest

Charles Barron ran for Governor of NY State in 2010 on the “Freedom Party” ballot line. Barron is an elected, Democratic official, serving on the New York City Council.

(excerpt from) NY1.com
Two Dozen Protesters Arrested During Rally Against School Closures

Two dozen demonstrators, including two City Council members, were arrested in Downtown Manhattan Monday as they protested the proposed closing of 25 public schools that the Panel for Educational Policy will vote on this week.

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Charles Barron Leads Protest at New York City Hall

From the New York Observer:

City Council member Charles Barron spoke out against the selection of Cathie Black as the city’s new public schools chancellor at a City Hall press conference this morning, saying that the lack of an open selection process failed the city’s schools and children.

“Mayor Bloomberg, they say insanity is when you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

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With a very small sample, good news for third parties in New York

The Board of Elections in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York posts results as they come in from the precincts. By studying the sets as they come, and looking when it was at 1.15%, and now up to 3.82%, many of the third party candidates are hovering at about the 1% mark.… Read more ...

Albany Times-Union Capitol Confidential column predicts bigger than usual third party vote

Jimmy Vielkind, Albany Times-Union:

Third-party protests. If you consider the system a farce, the campaign bogus, our government a joke, then give it the leader it deserves: Jimmy McMillan. I can think of no better embodiment of a protest vote than him. And more seriously: the other third-party candidates like Warren Redlich, Howie Hawkins, Charles Barron (and, to a lesser extent, Kristin Davis) are offering less mainstream positions that still have a significant following.… Read more ...

Think 3 Institute: Turning Inclusive Debates into ‘Reality’

Samuel Wilson at Think 3 Institute:

The aftermath of Monday’s inclusive New York gubernatorial debate, which spotlighted all seven candidates who’ll appear on the November ballot, raises questions about the need for balance between inclusiveness and seriousness. The talk of the night and day after the debate, when not focused on the two major-party candidates, focused on James McMillan, the flamboyant candidate of the “Rent is 2 Damn High” party, who was said to have stolen the show with his eccentric appearance and mantric insistence on the driving issue of his campaign.… Read more ...

NY Governor Debate: Minor Party Candidates Steal The Show

All seven ballot-qualified candidates for New York Governor appeared Monday evening at the Hofstra Gubernatorial Debate in Hempstead, Long Island, New York. The third party candidates in the race are: Charles Barron (Freedom Party); Kristin Davis (Anti-Prohibition Party); Howie Hawkins (Green Party); Jimmy McMillan (Rent is too Damn High Party); and Warren Redlich (Libertarian Party)

Below are two good write-ups about the debate:

Press Connects/Greater Binghamton published a story on October 18, 2010 titled, “Debate: Minor-party candidates steal show from Cuomo, Paladino”

A quote from the article, “The debate also provided plenty of entertainment, with several of the minor-party candidates aiming barbs at the Republican and Democratic candidates who, in turn, largely ignored them…”

The second piece was highlighted at Ballot Access News:

The New Republic published the story “NY Gubernatorial Debate: More Fringe Candidates, Please!”Read more ...

Opinion from the blogosphere: The Real Face-offs in the 10/18/10 NY Guv Debate

Below is an opinion piece by Ian Wilder, my co-blogger at onthewilderside.com -KW

OK, the corporate media keep playing up the face-off between Republican governor candidate Carl Paladino and Democratic governor candidate Andrew Cuomo like it is some kind of WWE event. I realize that they are their boys, but someone’s gotta point out that not only isn’t this Connecticut, but you couldn’t slip a Koch family contribution between their economic austerity plans.… Read more ...

In NY: Six Way Governor Debate Announced

[Update 10/7/10 at 10:44pm: All seven candidates have now confirmed their participation.]

(excerpt from) A Business Wire press announcement:

October 07, 2010 04:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time
News 12, Newsday, and Hofstra University Partner to Bring the First Gubernatorial Debate to New York

On Television, the Cable-Exclusive Event Will Air Live on News 12 on Monday, October 18 at 7:00 PM


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Third party NY Governor candidates get great ink: Story at Albany’s Times Union

Hat tip to the Daily News political blog for the link.

(excerpt from) Albany Times Union on-line
Rebels with causes use ideas to fuel bids
By Jimmy Vielkind / Friday, September 10, 2010

(As the story notes, for the third party candidates featured below, “There’s one hurdle left: The State Board of Elections meets next Thursday [September 16, 2010] — two days after the state primaries — to vote on the candidates for the general election ballot.”)… Read more ...

Free and Equal: NY Gubernatorial Campaign Goes Grassroots

ALBANY, NY. – Free & Equal continues its coverage of the NY gubernatorial race with Charles Barron (Freedom Party), Howie Hawkins (Green Party), Warren Redlich (Libertarian Party) and Jimmy McMillan (Rent Is 2 Damn High Party), as the New York state independent and grassroots party candidates turned in their independent nominating petitions, last week.… Read more ...

Seven candidates for Governor filed as “independent”/third party in New York

In New York state, a third party without automatic ballot status is actually an independent political body.

The deadline to file independent nominating petitions for statewide office for the 2010 elections in New York was today. You can find a link to the official count: here. So far, the NYS Board of Elections has seven candidates listed as having filed petitions for Governor:

APP Anti-Prohibition Party: Kristin M.… Read more ...

New York City Councilman to Run For Governor Under Freedom Democratic Party

Charles Barron is a current New York City Councilman who is dissatisfied with the state of the city’s affairs and with the Democratic Party in general. He says he will run for Governor as a member of a new party, which will be called the New York Freedom Democratic Party. This is an allusion to the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, a civil rights-oriented party in Mississippi which sought to be recognized by the National Committee of the Democratic Party in 1964 as the official state affiliate, but was rebuffed.… Read more ...