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Charles Wilhoit: ‘Let’s Go Maverick’

Gold America Group:

Charles Wilhoit of Tennessee writes:

During this year I have spent six months of my limited time and probably $5,000 of my limited money in an attempt to “improve” the LNC. I failed, and I probably should have known I would fail.

Well, I’ve had plenty of time to think about it and I vow not to make that mistake again.… Read more ...

New Path delegate mailers

Email from George Phillies:

Here are the New Path and Phillies mailers [sent to delegates for the upcoming Libertarian national convention in St. Louis this weekend]. Some people got Liberty for America instead of the delegateLNCletter.

Slateletter3 will be arriving today or tomorrow for most delegates.

The two delegate letters had in mixed combinations any of four inserts two for Thomas Hill and Charles Wilhoit, and

http://libertyforamerica.com/LfAGLBTtrifold.pdfRead more ...