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Snitker Congratulates, Warns Rubio and Meek

BROOKSVILLE, FLORIDA – Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Alex Snitker had words of congratulations — and words of warning — for tonight’s Republican and Democrat Senate primary election winners. “I’d like to congratulate both Marco Rubio and Kendrick Meek for winning their respective primaries,” said Snitker.

As expected, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio has apparently won in a landslide over a handful of lesser know GOP challengers, while Democrat Kendrick Meek prevailed in a relatively close battle with billionaire Jeff Greene.… Read more ...

Snitker at 3%, Crist at 32% in FL Senate Race

PPP released new polling on the Florida Senate race yesterday. From the pollster’s press release:

Rubio pulls ahead 40-32 if Meek wins tonight.

But Crist’s Democratic support tanks if Meek emerges victorious; Meek would get 17%, with Snitker at 3%, and only 8% undecided. Crist pulls a 48% plurality of Democrats, with a 2:1 lead over Greene’s 24%, Rubio’s 10%, Snitker’s 5%, and 13% undecided.

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Snitker Beats Rubio In Straw Poll

Press release from the Snitker campaign:

ORLANDO – In a shocking upset, grassroots U.S. Senate candidate Alexander Snitker defeated GOP frontrunner Marco Rubio in a straw poll held at the Florida Liberty Summit hosted by Campaign for Liberty at the Rosen Center in Orlando, Florida this weekend.

Snitker said of his surprise win, “I think this shows that Americans are starting to shy away from the two-party political class, and are instead looking for candidates that will uphold the Constitution and defend their personal and economic freedoms.”… Read more ...

Crist Includes Rod Reynolds of the TEA Party in final round for appointment to Orange County Commission vacancy

Press release from the Florida Tea Party to contact.ipr@gmail.com. The Florida Tea Party is a political party, and Crist is running for the US Senate as an independent.

Reynolds to meet Governor in Tallahassee on Thursday.

(Tallahassee) Governor Charlie Crist’s office announced today that former Winter Garden City Commissioner Rod Reynolds (TEA) has made the final cut for consideration for the appointment to fill the vacated position of Commissioner Mildred Fernandez.… Read more ...

The Snitker Paradox

[Note: I am aware we have had a sudden influx of posts on Alexander Snitker, but I have been working on this article for a couple of days now and will darn well post it!]

In Florida, Marine Corps veteran Alex Snitker is the first Libertarian to ever appear on the ballot for US Senate.… Read more ...

FL: Crist, Rubio, Meek all make list of watchdog group’s most “Crooked Candidates”

Darcy Richardson writes at Uncovered Politics:

Floridians might need a lantern when looking for an honest candidate for the U.S. Senate this year, according to the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

The bright Florida sunlight might not be enough to find one.

In the eyes of the widely-respected watchdog group, three of the nation’s eleven most ethically challenged candidates are vying for the U.S.

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Snitker campaign: ‘Underdog Snitker Makes It A Four Way Senate Race’

Press release from the campaign of Alex Snitker, Libertarian for US Senate in Florida:

TAMPA – In what is shaping up to be the common man vs. the political elite in Florida this election season, underdog Alex Snitker crossed another threshold in his bid for the U.S. Senate seat.

In a poll released Tuesday by Public Policy Polling (PPP), Snitker, the Libertarian nominee, grabbed 4% of the vote in a four-way race between him, Charlie Crist, Marco Rubio, and Kendrick Meek.… Read more ...

Crist: Political Independence is “Liberating”

From the Wall Street Journal:

Nearly three months after losing his Republican allies and campaign staff by leaving his party, Mr. Crist has rebuilt his political machinery and gained a footing among many general-election voters as he runs as an independent. One reason: He has used the Republican-led state legislature as a conservative foil to increase his appeal among centrist and Democratic voters.

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Independent And Third Party Candidates Proliferate In Florida

The Sunshine State News ran an article on Monday about the number of Independent and Third Party candidates on the ballot in Florida in 2010.

While Gov. Charlie Crist and gubernatorial candidate Bud Chiles are getting most of the attention, Florida is seeing a large number of independents taking on both the Democrats and Republicans in the 2010 elections.

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Alan Keyes Says Charlie Crist Isn’t Conservative

Alan Keyes today offered his opinion of sitting Florida Governor and Senatorial candidate, Charlie Crist. It is rare to see the press quoting one third party or independent candidate commenting on another.

Best known for his presidential campaigns and his contest with Barack Obama for the U.S. Senate seat in Illinois, Dr.

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Article Suggests Crist Victory Could Change National Politics

Mary Ann Lindley wrote an article for Tallahassee.com which begs the question, how will a Charlie Crist victory affect politics both in Florida and nationally, and will it lead to an influx of independent or third party voters?

It’s been 10 years since the excitement of the presidential election “recount,” which brought the world to our feet.

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FL Senate: Poll Shows Independent Crist in the Lead, Libertarian Snitker Gains on Democrat

The Snitker campaign has released an internal poll which found 2.5% support for the Libertarian candidate, who appears to be gaining on Democrat Kendrick Meek, who garnered only 9% support.  Charlie Crist remained the front runner with 40% support.  From the Snitker campaign website:

In a poll released today, 2.5% of registered Florida voters said they would vote for Libertarian U.S.

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