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Top State House Green Party Campaigns

Via Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

This list was put together by Brent McMillan, consisting of Green Party campaigns for State House (or Assembly) seats. It includes all of the races that finished with over 15% of the vote in 2010:

  • Mark Miller for State Representative 3rd Berkshire District, MA 4,459 votes 45.0%
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‘Green Party ready for November’ in Illinois

On February 4th, the Illinois newspaper the Southern ran a piece featuring the Green Party’s reaction to Tuesday’s statewide primaries in Illinois.  The Greens did have a primary, but most of the candidates running were uncontested.

“I’m in the race to win it and I think that’s entirely possible, given the record level of disgust with the two corporate-sponsored parties, the Democrats and Republicans,” Whitney said.

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Green Party to laid off workers: “Consider Running for Office”

From an Illinois Green Party press release:

Saturday, September 5, 2009
Patrick Kelly, Media Coordinator, Illinois Green Party

Green Party to laid off workers: “Consider Running for Office”

In light of reports that AFSCME union workers’ jobs hang in the balance under Gov. Pat Quinn’s plan to cut state spending, the Illinois Green Party offers this suggestion to those who do get laid off: If and when that pink slip comes, don’t despair — consider a run for public office.… Read more ...