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Lily Tang Williams: Indoctrination of Common Core

Do you want to know what it is like to be indoctrinated for 10 years under “Communist Core” in China?

Here is the song I listened and sang almost daily in the public schools during Cultural Revolution:

“Heaven and earth, are great, but greater is the kindness of the Communist Party; Father and Mother are dear, but dearer still is Chairman Mao”.… Read more ...

The Libertarienne: Hey America, Don’t Be China

Kate Robards hosts this week on the Libertarienne Show, as we talk about Chinese censorship and why maybe we don’t want to use that country as a policy role-model on free speech and civil rights.

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ROOT: Raising Cain

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9-9-9 was good ante. Let’s try 0-15-0.

The Washington Times

Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian vice-presidential nominee and author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold, Gambling & Tax Cuts” (Wiley, 2009). He writes at RootforAmerica.com.

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Supporters of former Libertarian candidate Ron Paul and one time possible Reform Party candidate Donald Trump clash at CPAC

Maggie Haberman at Politico (excerpts):

The real-estate mogul with a genius for self-promotion gave the most-acclaimed — and most colorful — speech at the conservative gathering this afternoon, from the moment he took the stage to the song “Money, Money, Money.”

With no visible sense of irony, he slammed libertarian Ron Paul as a losing hopeful who can’t capture the brass ring and got booed by some for it, said our current president came ‘out of nowhere,” and quoted a business magazine’s story about what a terrific entrepreneur he himself is.

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Darrell Castle: Is the Cold War Back On?

by Darrell Castle
Constitution Party Vice-Chairman

This is the week of the 50th anniversary of President Eisenhower’s famous speech in which he warned the nation to beware of what he called “the military industrial complex.” He was talking about the military leaders joining with leaders of the arms industry for the purpose of expanding their budgets in order to line their own pockets and greatly expand their power over American foreign policy.… Read more ...

Nader and Associates Letter to President Obama on GM’s IPO

Open letter from Ralph Nader and several other people (see end of article for list) to Barack Obama posted at Nader.org:

Dear President Obama,

The U.S. government bailout of, and acquisition of a majority share in, General Motors was an exceptional action, taken in response to exceptional circumstances. The U.S. stake in GM obviously poses novel managerial challenges to the government.… Read more ...

Nader comments on international trade

Former independent and Green Party candidate for President, Ralph Nader released the following commentary on international trade. It is also posted at www.nader.org.

Back in the USA

On July 30th, an American manufacturer in China and Korea will officially announce the move of its tool manufacturing facilities to Houston, Texas. Farouk Systems will open a factory with the goal of creating 1277 jobs at a new 189,000 sq.… Read more ...

Constitution Party: What awaits America if we keep voting for ‘lesser of two evils’

Reposted on the Constitution Party national webpage

by Andrew Osborn
Wall Street Journal

Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.

MOSCOW — For a decade, Russian academic Igor Panarin has been predicting the U.S. will fall apart in 2010. For most of that time, he admits, few took his argument — that an economic and moral collapse will trigger a civil war and the eventual breakup of the U.S.

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Chuck Baldwin vs. Ron Paul: China

In IPR’s earlier interview with Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party presidential hopeful said there weren’t any real differences between him and Ron Paul. Well, LRC’s Laurence Vance begs to differ:

Many conservatives, however, still have a China problem. Even real conservatives like Constitution Party presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin. He is upset that Bush is attending the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

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