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Daggett ‘polling in double digits’ in New Jersey gubernatorial bid

Political Wire reports that a Public Policy Polling survey on the New Jersey gubernatorial race, to be released today, shows independent Chris Daggett “polling in double digits”. Most of Daggett’s supporters “say they voted for Barack Obama last year” and for Democrat Jon Corzine for governor in 2005.

UPDATE: The poll shows Daggett at 13 percent.… Read more ...

Daggett launches ‘must-watch’ ad in New Jersey

New Jersey independent gubernatorial candidate Chris Daggett has launched what Mike Memoli of RealClearPolitics calls a “must-watch TV ad using look-alikes to mock the two major party candidates.” In the ad, “an escalator breaks down, probably at one of the Garden State’s wonderful shopping malls. One passenger, Gov. Jon Corzine (D), is portrayed as an aloof, Wall Street Journal reading figure hoping someone will bail him out.… Read more ...

Chris Daggett: Mystery spoiler

A game of political hot potato is going on in New Jersey between the two major party gubernatorial candidates, with independent Chris Daggett playing the part of the potato.  Originally seen as a “spoiler” candidate who would appeal to voters who typically favor Republicans, an endorsement from the Sierra Club is changing that.… Read more ...

Daggett proposes intriguing idea: Luxury tax on self-funded campaigns

(excerpt from) PolitickerNJ
Daggett proposes luxury tax on self-funded campaigns

By Matt Friedman

TRENTON — Independent gubernatorial candidate Christopher Daggett wants to institute a “luxury tax” on wealthy self-funding political candidates, a jab at Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine, who spent more than $100 million of his own money to finance his political career.

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Ten ‘independents’ file in race for New Jersey governor; some file for Assembly seats, as well

According to PolitickerNJ, ten “independents” – meaning an independent or a minor party candidate under New Jersey state law – have filed to run in the race for New Jersey governor.  The deadline to file was yesterday, as were the primaries for the Democratic and Republican Parties.  The independent and minor party candidates are:

former state Environmental Protection Commissioner Christopher Daggett, Libertarian Kenneth Kaplan, Kinnelon attorney Gary Steele, former Princeton school board member Joshua Leinsdorf, Alvin Lindsay Jr.

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Former EPA administrator Christopher J. Daggett will formally launch his independent gubernatorial campaign

…At 1 p.m. on Monday in the Statehouse Annex, according to Max Pizarro at PolitickerNJ.

Background at IPR.


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Former EPA Administrator Chris Daggett runs for Governor of New Jersey as an Independent

Chris Dagget has held top environmental posts under former New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean, as well as under Presidential Ronald Reagan. He was New Jersey’s Commissioner of Environmental Protection, and has gone on to do significant work in environmental fields. He claims he has become disillusioned with the two major parties and wants to run for Governor independently of those parties.… Read more ...