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Posts tagged as “Chris Henry”

Oregon Progressive Party Nominates Candidates, Skips Gubernatorial Race

Richard Winger reports at Ballot Access News:

The ballot-qualified Progressive Party of Oregon held a nominating convention on August 19, and nominated five congressional candidates, one nominee for state office, and two for partisan county office.  The nominee for State Office is Walt Brown, who is running for Treasurer. 

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Pacific Green Congressional candidate Chris Henry (OR-1) to Willamette Week: I’m so not a drifter

Chris Henry at New Menu, responding to the Willamette Week endorsement of Congressman David Wu for re-election:

“The Pacific Green Party’s Chris Henry, a drifter of sorts, is a walking explanation for the failure of third parties.” (Wow! The Green seems like a threat… Let’s get rid of him quickly, and shoe-in Wu!)

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