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Has IPR lost its credibility as a news source?

Absolutely not.

Allow me to briefly editorialize here:

There’s been a lot of complaints directed at IPR’s coverage of the Libertarian Party of Florida situation or whatever is happening there. I posted just about all the articles, so I’m the only one who can really take responsibility for this alleged “degeneration” of IPR.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson Says He Hasn’t Discounted Running as a Republican in the Future

On June 11th, Gary Johnson hosted an hour-long Google Hangout sponsored by his political advocacy committee, Our America Initiative. Typically, the former New Mexico governor and Libertarian Party presidential candidate hosts one Hangout a month.

Yours truly got the opportunity to talk to Gary for a little under seven minutes. I asked him about endorsing David Earl Williams III, a Ron Paul Republican running for Congress in Illinois’s 9th district (who voted for Gary Johnson in the 2012 presidential election and who has attended one Libertarian Party of Chicago meetup so far) and about whether or not Gary plans on running for office in the future.… Read more ...

CCTUC Leaders Cody Quirk and Joshua Fauver Interviewed On The Lesiak Report

On April 27th, yours truly interviewed Joshua Fauver and Cody Quirk on my radio show, The Lesiak Report, which airs on LibertyMovementRadio.com every Saturday at 9 PM CST. Fauver and Quirk are Constitution Party activists who are vice-chairman and chairman of the Clarion Call to Unite Committee (CCTUC), respectfully  The CCTUC is an organization working to bring constitutionalist and right-wing minor parties under one banner, including the CP, American Independent Party (AIP) of California, America’s Party and the Constitution Party of Oregon, among others.… Read more ...