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Vermont Progressive Party Disappointed With Governor Peter Shumlin

From Vermont Public Radio:

Fri 6/14/13 Noon & 7PM The Vermont Progressive Party is disappointed with Governor Shumlin. They don’t appreciate his stance against reforming the state’s income tax system, and they didn’t love his budget this year.  Progressive Party Chair Martha Abbott and House Caucus leader Chris Pearson join Bob Kinzel to discuss whether they will continue to support Governor Shumlin and where the Progressive Party goes from here.

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Independents and Third Parties Move Against Corporate Personhood in VT

Corporate personhood is an issue that is not much discussed at major party debates and does not present itself in the platforms of either the Republicans or Democrats. However, amongst many third party activists and candidates, corporate personhood is a headlining issue. This article highlights how the issue has become an important one in Vermont with many third party figures and independents leading the charge.… Read more ...

Rep. Chris Pearson, Vermont Progressive Party: ‘I’m Pro Occupation’

Posted at Progressive Party Blog:

What the devil is going on on Wall Street these days? And how on earth are Wall Street protests popping up in Burlington, Asheville, Boston, St. Louis; in hundreds of cities in the US? The media certainly couldn’t tell you why it’s happening. They are befuddled by the lack of a clear agenda or concrete demands.… Read more ...

Vermont Progressive Party 2010 Convention, Burlington, November 20

Posted at progressiveparty.org:

Join us for our annual Convention on Saturday, November 20th, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. We will be meeting at Burlington High School at 52 Institute Road in Burlington. Help celebrate our victories, and chart the course ahead for the next two years.

At our meeting, we will:

* Discuss the role of Progressives and the future of wind power in Vermont;
* Discuss the work ahead in the fight against corporate personhood;
* Hear from Chris Pearson, Anthony Pollina and Doug Hoffer about their view of the election and where we are as a result;
* Introduce our 2011-2012 Progressive State House caucus and learn about their agenda for the upcoming session; and
* Fill the vacancy of Assistant Treasurer.… Read more ...

Vermont Progressives May Have Elected Seven State Legislators

H/T Ballot Access News:

Election Recap from the Vermont Progressive Party:

Vermont’s Progressives, largely avoided the lurch to the right witnessed across the country with Tuesday’s general election.

All five Progressive incumbents seeking re-election were returned to office. Brattleboro Representatives Sarah Edwards and Mollie Burke ran unopposed. This will be Mollie’s second term in Montpelier, and Sarah’s fifth, making her the senior member of the Progressive caucus.… Read more ...

Vermont Progressive Party state representative not running for reelection in 2010, or anything else

Vermont Progressive Party state representative David Zuckerman, who has been representing the same seat since 1996 (he ran unsuccessfully for it while he was attending University of Vermont in 1994), has decided that he will not be running for reelection this year.  Former representative Chris Pearson, also a Progressive, will be running for the seat. … Read more ...