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Libertarian Party of Kentucky Holds Part 5 of Presidential Debate

Yesterday the Libertarian Party of Kentucky (LPKY) held the fifth and final part of its 2020 Libertarian presidential debate series.

Participants were performance artist Vermin Supreme, 1996 vice presidential nominee Jo Jorgensen, Congressman Justin Amash, Future of Freedom Foundation founder and president Jacob Hornberger, and 2012 vice presidential nominee Judge Jim Gray. … Read more ...

LPKY Chairman Says Vohra and Kokesh ‘Not Being Truthful’

Chris Wiest, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Kentucky (LPKY) has dismissed criticism from 2020 Libertarian presidential candidates Arvin Vohra and Adam Kokesh that the criteria for the LPKY presidential debate series was skewed to favor certain candidates.

“They are not being truthful,” says Wiest, “And frankly, they are not in a position to know.”… Read more ...