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Posts tagged as “Christine Smith”

Christine Smith Runs for State Representative In Colorado

Christine Smith ran for President in 2008 as a Libertarian Party candidate. Her attempt to secure the nomination of the Libertarian Party ultimately failed when she was eliminated in the 1st of six ballots. She is now running for State Representative in Colorado and had some harsh words for the national Libertarian Party regarding her experiences in 2008.… Read more ...

Walter Block: Barr/Root not ‘real libertarians’; LP ‘taken over by conservatives’

Austrian economist and LRC contributor, Dr. Walter Block, has posted a nearly 4,000-word account of his experiences at the 2008 Libertarian Party convention.

I had heard, beforehand, that the LP was on the verge of being taken over by conservatives, and nothing in my experience of that convention was incompatible with that surmise.

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Barr wins Libertarian presidential nomination on 6th ballot

Bob Barr will be the 2008 Libertarian presidential nominee. Ballot-Access News has reported full vote totals for each round of voting, with the final decisive vote being:

Bob Barr: 324
Mary Ruwart: 276
NOTA: 26

The order of elimination was:

1st Round: Jingozian eliminated (endorsing Gravel), Smith eliminated (opposing Barr)
2nd Round: Kubby eliminated (endorsing Ruwart)
3rd Round: Phillies eliminated (no endorsement)
4th Round: Gravel eliminated (according to a comment on BAN, endorsing Barr over Ruwart if Root eliminated
5th Round: Root eliminated (endorsing Barr, going for VP)
6th Round: Barr wins nomination

The VP selection process is currently ongoing.… Read more ...