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Muth: Wayne Root Odds On VP Favorite at LP Con

Chuck Muth’s “Silver State Confidential” Newsletter, in it’s most recent issue, says:
“The odds-on favorite to land the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential nomination – should former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson win the presidential nomination – is Las Vegan Wayne Allyn Root, who was the LP’s veep candidate in 2008.”

He continues: “However, there is also talk of former South Carolina Gov.… Read more ...

Muth Makes Endorsements

Chuck Muth is a well known political commentator in the state of Nevada. He is also the President and CEO of Citizen Outreach and the former Executive Director of the American Conservative Union. Muth, who is known to have a proclivity for third parties, released his endorsements in local, state, and federal races recently–they can be found here.… Read more ...