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Socialist Party Senatorial Candidate On Obama And Socialism

Dan La Botz is the Socialist Party of Ohio’s candidate for U.S. Senate in 2010. He was quoted in this article in the Cincinnati Enquirer discussing Obama and whether he is or is not a socialist.

Dan La Botz knows with certainty that President Barack Obama is no socialist.

He’s sure because he’s one himself, and finds little in common with the politics of the 44th president of the United States.

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Robert Owens Speaks To 9/12 Project In Cincinnati

Robert Owens is the candidate of the Constitution Party in Ohio for the office of Attorney General. He is speaking to a group called the “9/12 Project” in Cincinnati tomorrow evening.

At the invitation of the Cincinnati 912 Project, Robert Owens, candidate for Ohio Attorney General on the Constitutional Party ticket, will speak on the role of the Attorney General as it relates to state sovereignty, on illegal immigration, and on other matters Tuesday evening, June 15 at the Evendale Recreation Center.

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Students Newspaper: Vote Third Party

Jeremy Davis, a columnist for University of Cincinnati’s newspaper, The News Record, writes an article in favor of third parties yesterday. The article is written for the explicit purpose of encouraging readers to vote for third parties.

We need to get someone else in there to diversify the debate a little more.

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Libertarian Party blog: Ohio primary voters can vote Libertarian for the first time


rom the April 7 Cincinnati Enquirer:

Voters in the May 4 Primary Election have plenty of candidates to choose from on the Republican and Democratic ballots.

But this year for the first time they’ll also see a contested race on a third party ballot.

Libertarians Jared Croxton and Jim Berns both want to run for the 1st Congressional District seat held by Democrat Steve Driehaus.… Read more ...

Cincinnati Green Party candidate caught up in a scandal

Cincinnati, Ohio blogger and Green Party candidate for Board of Education Jason Haap unleashed a scandal when he criticized the Save-A-Life Foundation on his blog.  He said that they were teaching schoolchildren to use the Heimlech maneuver on drowning victims, which is not the proper proceducre.  The Save-A-Life Foundation subsequently lost 11 “relationships” with other organizations and sued Haap and two other critics (one is a doctor and one is the son of the inventor of the Heimlech maneuver).… Read more ...

Green Party of Southwest Ohio supports initiative regarding mass transit in Cincinnati

On January 9th, the Green Party of Southwest Ohio endorsed the idea of putting a potential investment in a streetcar system for Cincinnati, Ohio on the ballot as a referendum.  The list of organizations that support this move include the NAACP, the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxing, and We Demand a Vote. … Read more ...