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Posts tagged as “Civil Rights Act of 1964”

Libertarian Party: June Supreme Court Update

On the Libertarian Party’s website, Bekah Congdon posted the following update and analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court decisions published this past month.

Last month saw several major decisions handed down by the Supreme Court that had an impact on a variety of factors affecting individual sovereignty, including reproductive freedom, the freedom to direct the religious education of one’s own children, and the freedom from state discrimination based upon sexual orientation.… Read more ...

Alan Keyes Comments On Rand Paul Civil Rights Controversy

Rand Paul has been involved in a controversy lately because of statements, made in several interviews, concerning the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Paul took issue with the portion of the act which disallows discrimination on private property. Now Alan Keyes, an African-American conservative is wading into the controversy to offer his opinion.… Read more ...