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Larry King, Legendary Interviewer Who Often Hosted Minor Party Candidates, Has Passed Away

Legendary TV host and interviewer Larry King has died today at the age of 87.  A cause of death has not been announced, although King was reported to have been battling COVID-19 earlier this month.

King crossed paths with many third party candidates during his long career as a TV interviewer, perhaps most famously allowing his show to be used as a platform by billionaire Ross Perot to launch his 1992 presidential campaign.… Read more ...

Reason: New 7% Showing in CNN Poll Almost Certainly Dooms Gary Johnson’s Debate Chances


By Matt Welch,, September 6th, 2016:

CNN/ORC this morning came out with its first national presidential poll in more than month, and the results are terrible for Gary Johnson’s fading hopes of getting into this fall’s presidential debates. The Libertarian nominee pulled just 7 percent in the survey, down from 9 percent in the same poll at the end of July, and 13 percent—his highest-ever showing nationwide—two weeks prior to that.

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Gary Johnson on CNN today: Trump is a “neo-isolationist”

From CNN’s YouTube channel, July 3rd, 2016 (video length: 8 minutes):

In an interview with Brianna Keilar, Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson discuss increasing support for his campaign and Donald Trump.

CNN also published an article relating to Johnson’s interview today, written by Daniella Diaz, entitled “Gary Johnson: Trump says ‘racist’ things and should be disqualified from presidency.”… Read more ...