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Libertarian Party of Colorado Elects Officers, Adopts New Platform, and Nominates 33 Candidates for State and Federal Office

UnknownFor immediate release: March 14, 2016

The Libertarian Party of Colorado (LPCO) met in Colorado Springs for its Convention business sessions (March 12-13, 2016) and elected Officers, adopted a new State Party Platform, and nominated 33 candidates for State and Federal office.

Jay North was elected as Chair and resigned his previous position of Vice-Chair.… Read more ...

LP Colorado: Live Blogging the Convention

UnknownDarryl Perry has graciously offered to live blog today’s business portion of the LP Colorado Convention.

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Colorado L.P. declines to invite Petersen to state convention, citing his repudiation of Libertarian principles

From the Libertarian Party of Colorado: 

Libertarian Party of Colorado: Statement Regarding Austin Petersen and its 2016 State Convention

Questions have recently arisen about the decision of the Board of Directors of the Libertarian Party of Colorado to refrain from an extending an invitation to Austin Petersen to attend its Presidential debate at its State Convention.

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Libertarian Party of El Paso County Colorado: Steve Kerbel elected as Chair

1a791aeIn its Annual Meeting on February 27, 2016, Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Steve Kerbel was elected as Chair. This affiliate was in danger of dissolution if a new Chair was not elected. Mr. Kerbel was not present for this election due to illness but consented to the nomination.

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Libertarian Party of Colorado State Chair Lily Tang Williams to be Speaker at FreedomFest

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 1.48.38 PM

Lily Tang Williams, the State Chair for the Libertarian Party of Colorado, and immigrant from Communist China (now a proud US citizen), has been invited to be a speaker at FreedomFest 2016. More information on the event can be found here: http://www.freedomfest.com

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Press Release: The Libertarian Party of Colorado Condemns the U.S. Senate Vote for the Every Student Succeeds Act

CO Liberty

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December 9, 2015

COLORADO— The State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado, Lily Tang Williams, issues the following statement condemning the US Senate’s vote to pass the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)—a bill that reauthorizes the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), which is the legislation governing federal K-12 education policy.… Read more ...

Fmr. Congressman Tom Tancredo leaves GOP to become independent

In a piece published at Breitbart, Former Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) announces that he is formally renouncing his membership in the Republican Party, in favor of being a no-party independent.

In a panel discussion at the University of Colorado after the recent Republican debate, I was asked by a student why she should be a Republican.

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Libertarian Mike Seebeck: I’m sick of the pro-vaccine BS!

Mike Seebeck

Mike Seebeck is a longtime libertarian activist and LP member for 15 years. He has served in several offices in the LP, including Southern Vice-Chair of LP-California, Media Director of LP-Colorado, Outreach and Media Director of LP-El Paso County (Colorado), and Treasurer of LP-Riverside County (California). In 2001 he was a local school board candidate and led the defeat of a $47M bond issue.Read more ...

Libertarian Who is Immigrant from China Discusses Common Core Vs. Education in Communist China

Lily Williams

Posted to eagnews
December 1, 2014

PARKER, Colo. – Having grown up in communist China during Chairman Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution, Lily Tang Williams of Parker, Colorado, says the Common Core national standards being imposed on America’s public education system scare her.

She came to the United States from China to further her law degree.… Read more ...

News From Libertarian Candidates Across the Country

The IPR writers haven’t been able to keep up with all the news in the third-party/Independent world over the past month or so. In an effort to catch up on some of the activity and news of Libertarian candidates, this article will list many of the pieces I have found on Facebook and other sources.… Read more ...

Colorado Libertarian Party Announces Its Convention


More information can be found here or here .

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State Chair: Colorado on track to elect its first Libertarian to the State Assembly

Via the Libertarian State Chairs List:

It is with great pleasure that I forward the endorsement (below) by the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel for our candidate in House District 54, Tim Menger.

I will also add that we have done a preliminary phone poll of likely voters, and of the respondents, only one-third chose one of the candidates (the rest being undecided or “not voting”), but they broke better than two to one in favor of Tim, so all I can say now is that while it looks promising, victory is obviously not locked in.… Read more ...