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Lily Tang Williams: Indoctrination of Common Core

Do you want to know what it is like to be indoctrinated for 10 years under “Communist Core” in China?

Here is the song I listened and sang almost daily in the public schools during Cultural Revolution:

“Heaven and earth, are great, but greater is the kindness of the Communist Party; Father and Mother are dear, but dearer still is Chairman Mao”.… Read more ...

Libertarian Who is Immigrant from China Discusses Common Core Vs. Education in Communist China

Lily Williams

Posted to eagnews
December 1, 2014

PARKER, Colo. – Having grown up in communist China during Chairman Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution, Lily Tang Williams of Parker, Colorado, says the Common Core national standards being imposed on America’s public education system scare her.

She came to the United States from China to further her law degree.… Read more ...

Jack McLain: Further Nationalizing Education with “Common Core”

Jack McLain, Vice-Chairman of the Constitution Party of Florida

Part I:

The poor scholarship of many Americans today and the level of understanding of the times is suggested in that of a teacher’s response to Common Core education. Admitting that she didn’t know much about it, yet she proclaimed, “O.K. It would put us all on the same level.”… Read more ...