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Communist Party USA at Communist Gathering: For a Transformative Party & Movement

By Susan Webb

Contribution from the Communist Party USA to the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties, Nov. 8-10, 2013, Lisbon, Portugal

The Communist Party USA expresses its appreciation to the Communist Party of Portugal for hosting this important international gathering, and we also express our solidarity with the communist and workers’ parties of the world.… Read more ...

Constitution Party’s Facebook Page Surpasses 5,000 “Likes”

The Constitution Party’s official Facebook page surpassed 5,000 “likes” earlier today. The following picture was posted:

The Constitution Party’s top ten state affiliates, by number of Facebook likes (as of today):

1. Constitution Party of Illinois – 1,685 likes

2. Constitution Party of Tennessee – 1,598 likes

3. Constitution Party of Arizona – 836 likes

4.… Read more ...

Communist Party USA heralds Occupy Wall Street movement

Via CPUSA.org:

We greet the Occupy Wall St. movement as it spreads throughout our country from large cities to small towns, led by youth and joined by people of all ages and backgrounds, giving voice to deep anger at extreme economic inequality.

The unemployed, those who have lost their homes, who cannot afford education or healthcare, are joining together as the 99 percent, saying “enough is enough” to the enormous greed and arrogance of financial institutions.… Read more ...

Communist Party USA national call on fight for jobs

Sam Webb, national chair of CPUSA, will open a national teleconference on the fight for jobs, Sept. 27, starting at 8p.m. Eastern. Questions and a brief discussion will follow. Call: 218 339 4300 code: 100111#

The following is Webb’s recent article in PeoplesWorld.org on the fight for jobs and role of the left.… Read more ...

New York Times reports on Communist Party USA, Socialist Party USA, and Democratic Socialist progress on- and offline

From The New York Times:

The Socialist Party U.S.A. does distribute red cards to members willing to “subscribe to the principles” of the party, but another leftist group, the Democratic Socialists of America, prefers online registration, with members using a virtual shopping cart to pay yearly dues of about $60 by credit card — Marx be damned.

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Peace and Freedom Party, Communist Party USA, Green Party to join Demonstration against British Petroleum, May 27 in Berkeley

Posted at http://peaceandfreedom.org:

Demonstrate against British Petroleum (BP) and their destruction of the Gulf of Mexico and rally for complete reimbursement of damages caused by the oil spill!

* Restoration of the damaged Gulf environment, now and for the next 20 years
* Compensation for workers and businesses
* Complete retesting of all offshore oil rigs

When: Thursday, May 27, 11:30am to 1:00pm
Where: University Avenue and Oxford Street, Berkeley (near site of proposed BP building)
Contact: 51O-548-6117, mmartynn@yahoo.com… Read more ...

Video from Communist Party USA 90th Anniversary Celebration

h/t Shii in Comments on a previous post.

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Communist Party USA: ‘No easy road to future—but we’ll get there’

Report to the National Committee
Sam Webb, National chair
Communist Party USA • Nov 13, 2009
Found at CPUSA.org

Slightly over a year ago, the American people elected a young African American to the presidency and increased the Democratic majority in the Congress. President Obama’s victory represented a repudiation of right-wing ideology, politics and economics and a setback for neoliberalism in both its conservative and liberal skins.… Read more ...

Communist Party USA: Keep Up the Momentum for Strong Health Care Reform Now

Resolution of the National Committee, CPUSA, adopted November 15, 2009

As the historic fight for health care reform passes to the Senate next week, and then to conference committee before final vote, a continued and expanded push is needed to prevent blockage of this key legislation, to insure a strong public option with no taxation of health benefits, inclusion of immigrants, and to eliminate measures that restrict coverage for women’s reproductive rights.… Read more ...

Communist Party USA: ‘An extraordinary Black History Month’

Posted at http://www.cpusa.org/article/articleview/1012/1/27/. Reposted to IPR by Paulie.

African American History Month is celebrated every February. It is always an important time to not only look back at how a courageous people made great strides towards freedom but also think about how to advance that struggle to new heights.

The election of Barack Obama, our first African American president, marks this year’s celebration as a new milestone in the upward progress of a people long oppressed.… Read more ...

Communist Party condemnation of Gaza airstrikes

The Communist Party USA has issued a statement regarding the ongoing Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza strip:

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) emphatically condemns the continuing Israeli air strikes in Gaza, which have left hundreds dead and over a thousand wounded. The hundreds of Israeli air strikes have been carried out with a total disregard for the safety of civilians and institutions and are the latest phase in a campaign to blockade the economy of Gaza and deny the people access to basic necessities.

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Communists slam proposed bailout

The Communist Party USA has issued a statement condemning the proposed $700 billion-$1 trillion financial industry bailout as “a plan that gives a blank check to Wall Street with no oversight” devised by the rightwing and the banks. After providing background on the situation, the statement goes on to call on Congress “to slow down the process,” and provides the following list of demands it wants to see in any bill addressing the matter:

1) Protect homeowners faced with foreclosure by restructuring mortgage rates to be in line with family income.

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