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News from the Connecticut Green Party

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

Although the Connecticut Green Party has no candidate for governor this year and is running a write-in campaign for US Senate, CT Green candidates running for a variety of statewide, congressional, legislative and local seats have been steadily making news. Here are some recent stories:

CT News Junkie: Nader Endorses Krayeske in 1st Congressional District

Hartford Courant: Putting Voters in the Driver’s Seat (letter from Mike DeRosa, candidate for CT Secretary of State)

Norwich Bulletin: 2nd District Incumbent, Challengers Duke It Out in WillimanticRead more ...

CT: Green Calls Out Congressional Democrat for War Hawking

From The Day by way of Third Party and Independent Daily:

Scott Deshefy, the Green Party candidate running for Congress in the 2nd District, issued a statement on Wednesday criticizing the district’s representative, Democrat Joe Courtney, for voting against a resolution to pull American troops out of Pakistan.

The Green Party had urged Congress to pass House Resolution 301, introduced by Reps.… Read more ...

Connecticut Green Party announces candidate for state house

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

The Green Party of Connecticut announced today that Don Alexander is running for State Representative, House District 64 (Torrington, Sharon, Cornwall, Goshen, and Salisbury) this fall.

A resident of Torrington, Alexander is a quality assurance engineer at a state company. He is married, with three children.… Read more ...

Nicholas Payne Honors Daughter in Run for State House

In Connecticut, Green Party member Nicholas Payne wants to be next State Representative from the 67th District. The candidate is quite clear about his motivations:

“I’m doing this so other families don’t have to bury their kids; that’s the real reason,” said Payne, whose 22-year-old daughter, Rebecca, a Northeastern University student in Boston, was shot to death in her off-campus apartment two years ago.

Read more ...

Connecticut Greens nominate candidates, denounce Arizona immigration law

Hartford Courant by way of Third Party and Independent Daily:

The Green Party of Connecticut has selected several candidates in political races this year for state or federal offices.

Party spokesman Tim McKee said in a news release Saturday that among those whose names will be on the Nov. 2 ballot are Scott Deshefy of Lebanon for the 2nd Congressional District, Stephen Fournier of Hartford for state attorney general, Michael DeRosa of Wethersfield for secretary of the state, David Bue of Westport for state treasurer, and Colin Bennet of Westbrook for state comptroller.… Read more ...