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Time Capsule: Facing Only Minor-Party Opposition, Mayor Ed Koch Waged Vigorous Re-Election Bid

Despite winning both major party nominations in 1981 — the first New York City mayor to do so — Mayor Ed Koch announced that he would wage a full-scale campaign for re-election against minor-party opposition.

Koch, who swept past Brooklyn assemblyman Frank J. Barbaro and 36-year-old Melvin Kerensky — an associate of Lyndon H.… Read more ...

Conservative Party to Nominate Presidential Ticket Soon, Virgil Goode A Possibility

The Conservative Party of New York will officially nominate a presidential ticket on September 8th. The Conservative Party of New York is expected to nominate Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the GOP nominees, as the Conservative Party has always nominated the Republican Party nominee’s for President.

However, there is apparently a group of Virgil Goode supporters in New York who are looking to put his name into the nomination process.… Read more ...

NY Conservative Party celebrates 50th anniversary

New York’s Conservative Party celebrated its 50th anniversary Wednesday, June 13th.

Brothers-in-law J. Daniel Mahoney and Kieran O’Doherty founded the party in 1962 to counter liberal Nelson Rockefeller’s domination of the state’s Republican organization. It proceeded to do so — and then some.

After the 1964 Goldwater debacle, the Conservative Party’s success showed that conservatism was far from dead.

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Many Conservative Party of New York Leaders Appointed to Government Positions

This article details how many of the Erie County Conservative Party’s leadership has been appointed to positions in government, suggesting some sort of political gamesmanship. The article, found here, focuses on the Erie County Conservative Party.

Of the 32 people listed on the Conservatives’ Executive Committee — not counting Lorigo — 26 hold or have held a government job, or a spouse holds or has held a government job, according to payroll data.

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Four Republican Legislators Targetted by New York Conservative Party

The Conservative Party of New York has decided to target four Republican Party legislators, all of whom received the endorsements of the Conservative Party and all of whom voted for the Gay Marriage measure that recently passed both houses and was signed into law.

It is difficult to construct an argument against marriage rights for gay people that doesn’t sound like an argument against gay people.

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Third Party Voter Registration Statistics in NV, CA, AK, and NY

Nevada’s most recent voter registration statistics were posted in October of 2011.

Green Party: 3,033 (0.27%)
Independent American Party: 51,535 (4.55%)
Libertarian Party: 7,111 (0.63%)
Non-Partisan: 181,960 (16.05%)
Other: 3,945 (0.35%)


California’s most recent voter registration statistics are from February 2011.

American Independent Party: 417,567 (2.43%)
Green Party: 113,118 (0.66%)
Libertarian Party: 92,246 (0.54%)
Peace and Freedom Party: 58,470 (0.34%)
Other: 121,019 (0.70%)
No Party Preference: 3,507,119 (20.41%)


Alaska’s most recent voter registration statistics are from

Alaskan Independence Party: 14,866 (3.01%)
Libertarian Party: 8,073 (1.64%)
Non-Partisan: 80, 833 (16.38%)
Undeclared: 183,045 (37.08%)
Constitution Party: 29 (.01%)
Green Party: 2,130 (0.43%)
Veterans Party: 1,427 (0.29%)


New York’s latest registration statistics were reported on November 1, 2011.… Read more ...

LI, NY: Local Green Party candidate gets coverage for himself and third party members throughout Long Island

A high profile, Election Day article at Long Island Press, features Green Party candidate Cesar Malaga. The article goes on to put Malaga in a context, with a list of past and present third party candidates and elected officials in Suffolk County.

(Excerpt from) Long Island Press
Green Party Hopeful Vies for Suffolk Legislature
by Timothy Bolger on November 8th, 2011

Cesar Malaga is a 73-year-old retired engineer from West Babylon and candidate for Suffolk County Legislature vying to become the first Green Party nominee to win a seat on Long Island, where only a handful of other third party hopefuls have done the same in the past.

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Chair of LPNY gives update on Warren Redlich’s vote tally lawsuit

Redlich v. NY Board of Elections

I am sorry to advise that on June 15, 2011, Albany County Supreme Court Justice Richard Platkin granted defendants’ motion to dismiss the Article 78 (mandamus) challenge to the Board’s final determination of Warren Redlich’s vote total six months earlier on purely procedural grounds.

Both Warren and I felt strongly that that the confusion created by placing more than one party’s candidate for the same office in the same column, the intentional and/or negligent undercounting of military and absentee ballots and the likelihood that various local county boards of election failed to count every vote cast after the results were known warranted review by the judiciary; unfortunately Justice Platkin chose not to consider any of our arguments on the merits of the lawsuit.

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Ballot Access News provides official vote count from NY-26 special election

From Ballot Access News:

New York State held a special U.S. House election on May 24, 2011, to fill the vacant 26th district seat. The official results by party: Democratic 42.77%; Republican 32.15%; Tea Party 9.03%; Conservative 8.18%; Working Families 4.67%; Independence 2.14%; Green 1.06%.

In November 2010, the results in this same seat had been: Republican 58.99%; Democratic 26.39%; Conservative 9.41%; Independence 5.21%.… Read more ...

Conservative Party of New York State: Lewis E. Lehrman on a Modernized Gold Standard

Conservative Party of New York State:

You may remember Lewis E. Lehrman writing about the gold standard in the year before the ’82 campaign, when he ran on the Conservative Party line for Governor.     Here’s a video of Lew talking about the gold standard on Fox Business News Wednesday night. … Read more ...

New York Conservative Party Unknowingly Nominated a Dead Person for State Senate in 2010

Ballot Access News:

This New York Times story explains that the Conservative Party nominee for State Senate, 31st district, in 2010, was deceased before the party nominated him. Dr. Raphael M. Klapper, of the Bronx, died in May 2010. But during June and July, a petition was circulated to qualify him for the Conservative Party primary.… Read more ...

AP story on growing Green and Conservative influence in NY State runs in several papers

As the title suggests, an Associated Press story about the growing influence of the Green and Conservative Parties – through their better ballot placement – since the 2010 election ran in several newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal:

The big winners after November’s elections were the state’s Conservative and the Green parties.

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