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Constitution Party Denied by Judge

constitution party of alabama

(The following was originally published in the Times Daily.)

FLORENCE — An effort by the Constitution Party of Alabama to get two candidates on the November ballot for Lauderdale County races has been rejected.

Probate Judge James Hall said Wednesday he denied the petition because it did not contain enough names of registered county voters.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Alabama Releases Latest Newsletter

Essential Liberty


Why there is no other sound basis for government than the preservation of liberty.

I was challenged recently as to why the protection of liberty was the only valid basis for government. The person I was having the discussion with, pointed to a couple of other potential possibilities, such as human happiness, as other sound motives for government.

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Constitution Party of Alabama Likely Won’t Run Candidate in Special Congressional Election

June 8th, 2013, from the Constitution Party of Alabama website:

1st Congressional Response

As many of you know, there will be a special election for U.S. Congress this fall. The election is not official, but is pending the August resignation of Representative Jo Bonner. The following addresses some of the questions we have received:


Will the Constitution Party of Alabama enter this race?… Read more ...

Constitution Party’s Facebook Page Surpasses 5,000 “Likes”

The Constitution Party’s official Facebook page surpassed 5,000 “likes” earlier today. The following picture was posted:

The Constitution Party’s top ten state affiliates, by number of Facebook likes (as of today):

1. Constitution Party of Illinois – 1,685 likes

2. Constitution Party of Tennessee – 1,598 likes

3. Constitution Party of Arizona – 836 likes

4.… Read more ...

Updates from Constitution Party of Alabama and CP Talk Radio

Today, the brand new Constitution Party of Alabama website was released:


Also, Randy Stufflebeam, the Constitution Party’s National Vice-Chairman, recently interviewed three CP candidates for upcoming elections. From a post on the CP Facebook page today:


In the past three weeks, Randy Stufflebeam has interviewed three Constitution Party Candidates.

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Alabama Ballot Access Bill Introduced

Ballot Access News:

Senator Cam Ward (R-Alabaster) has introduced SB 17. It lowers the number of signatures for statewide independent candidates from 3% of the last gubernatorial vote, to 1.5% of the last gubernatorial vote. It makes no change to the procedures for new or previously unqualified parties. Also, it has no effect on the independent presidential candidate petition, which is already substantially easier than the procedures for independent candidates for other office.

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Field report: Petitioning for Constitution Party at Alabama Tea Parties

Posted by me (Paulie) in comments on a previous post; slightly edited:

Libertarians question Republican participation in Tea Parties

I attended three tea parties [April 15, 2010] in south Alabama.

I was petitioning to put the Constitution Party on the ballot for Congress.

[I’m a Libertarian, but] the LP candidate always runs as a write in, and neither he nor the state election officials can tell me how many votes he got in any year except 2002, when we had ballot access; additionally, he is rabidly pro-war in the middle east, which I greatly dislike in a federal candidate.… Read more ...