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Constitution Party of California: Contract with California 2021

Dr. Don Grundmann, chairman of the Constitution Party of California, sent the following “Contract with California” to IPR, opening with a statement about its contents:

A Red Pill Manifesto of Sanity

Dear Citizen :

The Constitution Party of California presents the following ideas as a ” Contract with California ” – an analysis of current issues of vital importance to our state and a blueprint for eventually restoring the prosperity and happiness of our citizens. 

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Don Grundmann Writes Letter To CP Members and Leaders About CCTUC

Subject: a letter from Don Grundmann, Founder, California Constitution Party

Tuesday 4-30-13
Re : The ” Clarion Call to Unite Committee ” ( CCTUC )
Dear State Chairmen and all Constitution Party supporters and members -I write this hopefully short letter to you with the knowledge that you, as I, have a tremendously busy schedule but I feel that the issue which I shall discuss needs to be brought to your attention and consideration relevant to both current and, especially, future developments within the party.As
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Constitution Party National Chairman Confirms: Don Grundmann is No Longer Chairman of California CP

Frank Fluckiger is the National Chairman of the Constitution Party – KL. 

From: Frank Fluckiger
Sent: Saturday, April 06, 2013 7:23 AM
To: Janine and others
Subject: RE: Don Grundmann is causing serious problems for our party


The most effective thing that both you and Cody could do I feel is to write
a short note to IPR and remind Don that he is not the chairman of the party
in California, but that Nathan Johnson was elected the new chairman at the
March (actually it was January 19th, Mr.Read more ...

Latest Voter Registration Numbers For California

The latest report on registration by party in California is out and the winners are: Independents, unqualified parties, the Constitution Party of California, the Peace & Freedom Party, and the American Independent Party. All of those groups made gains, however small. The Democratic Party, Republican Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party, and Americans Elect all declined.… Read more ...

Chelene Nightingale Completes “Save California” Walk

Sarah Foster published this piece on Chelene Nightingale’s “Save California” walk at News With Views. I found it reposted at the Constitution Party website.

It was an exhausting eight days, but California gubernatorial candidate Chelene Nightingale, the American Independent/Constitution Party’s nominee, and her campaign team beat the odds, arriving at the state capital mid-afternoon Friday, Sept.Read more ...