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Constitution Party of Idaho: “Part 1: Forecast Total Vote for CP National”

From the Constitution Party of Idaho’s website, September 13th, 2016:


General elections are much like the cycle of seasons. Spring follows Winter.  Summer follows Spring, and Autumn…is the season of the general election.

Normal events (e.g. like seasonal weather) typically do not fall beyond the bounds of a Gaussian function.… Read more ...

Darrell Castle may not appear on the Idaho ballot; Constitution Party of Idaho writes: ‘In Progress…until when?’

Richard Winger of Ballot Access News reported the following on August 10th, 2016:

On August 3, the Idaho Secretary of State wrote a letter to Darrell Castle, saying the office believes he is circulating an independent presidential petition, and warning him that if he submits the required 1,000 signatures by the August 24 deadline, the office will reject it because sec.

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Constitution Party of Idaho: “Copeland/Myers Certified by CP-Idaho for 2016”

Published on the Constitution Party of Idaho’s website on August 1st, 2016:

Copeland/Myers Certified by CP-Idaho for 2016At their 2016 state convention held in Orofino, Saturday, July 30, the Constitution Party of Idaho certified Scott Copeland of Weatherford , Texas and J.R. Myers of Soldotna, Alaska as the party’s candidates for President and Vice President, respectively, in Idaho.
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Constitution Party of Idaho: ‘They are like Legion spittle foaming on the ground…’


Published on the Idaho Constitution Party’s website on July 28th, 2016 (via Cody Quirk at ATPR):

This is in response to Mr. Clinbeard’s twisted up message from this morning sent via our facebook account.  The following was addressed to the Idaho Secretary of State’s office, with minor edits…

First, I feel sorry for public servants who have to deal with…the public.

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Constitution Party of Idaho: ‘Albatross’


Published on the Constitution Party of Idaho’s website on July 25th, 2016 (via Cody Quirk at ATPR)

The Federalist put up an article on June 8, citing former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman. She has “never seen such a confluence of auspicious opportunity” for an independent presidential candidate.

Whitman is a board member of an organization called Better For America (BFA), which is, according to The Federalist- “dedicated to offering a viable independent candidate for president”.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Idaho: ‘Whose fault?’

 Whose fault?Published on the Constitution Party of Idaho’s website on July 18th, 2016 (Via Cody Quirk at ATPR yesterday)

In difficult circumstances, we admit to a fault—often we resort to Scriptures for guidance. The certification of a presidential candidate for the printed ballot of the Constitution Party of Idaho is just such a circumstance.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Idaho: ‘Puzzled?’

Puzzled?Posted on the Constitution Party of Idaho’s website on June 6th, 2016 (via Cody Quirk at ATPR)

Well, on the national news front, our friends atNewsmax.com report violent crimes are beginning to spike in America. Homicides, rapes, robberies are on the rise in major U.S. cities. Most notably Chicago and Los Angles.… Read more ...

Idaho Constitution Party: Our explanation of National Convention Brouhaha


Copeland choice

Posted June 1st, 2016 on the Constitution Party of Idaho’s website (via Cody Quirk at American Third Party Report)

[CPID Editor’s note:  We have had a number of requests for more information regarding the recent National Convention at Salt Lake. The following response to an email inquiry is perhaps as good an explanation of Idaho’s stance as any.Read more ...

Constitution Party of Idaho: Neat, tidy packages

Neat, tidy packagesPosted on the Idaho CP’s website on May 22nd, 2016 (via American Third Party Report)

Being a presidential election year, the quadrennial Little Orphan Annie songs about “tomorrow” have been pulled out of storage and slapped back down on the marketplace sound systems. A seasonal tradition.

How many times this habitual marketing method will substitute for substantive public policy from the menagerie of third party presidential candidates is any body’s guess. … Read more ...

Ray Writz wins Idaho Constitution Party U.S. Senate primary


Ray Writz (far left) with former Constitution Party presidential candidate Scott Copeland (far right) on May 9th, 2015 in Kellogg, Idaho. Despite losing the CP presidential nomination to Darrell Castle in April, Copeland will appear on the ballot alongside Writz in November as the CP Idaho presidential candidate, due to his win in the state CP’s presidential primary in March.

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Constitution Party, Eynon in Simmering Feud


(The following was published in The Spokesman-Review)

Six weeks after John Eynon left the Constitution Party to run on the GOP ticket, the third party and the state superintendent’s candidate are embroiled in a nasty breakup.

Floyd Whitley, the Constitution Party’s acting chairman says Eynon remains in possession of party “property, records and minutes,” including party planning documents and platform outlines on economic initiatives and reform proposals.… Read more ...

Kootenai County Constitution Party Wins Negative Award for Protesting Hindu Art

Everyone likes to win awards, but this article is handing out the sort of award you do not want to be known for, calling the “Budnick Awards”. The Kootenai County Constitution Party won one for, apparently, protesting a piece of artwork and calling it a “Hindu Demon”.

Ganesha, an artwork depicting the Hindu god with an elephant head, is an “abomination” according to members of the Kootenai County Constitution Party who protest the public unveiling of the four-armed sculpture in downtown Coeur d’Alene.

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