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Constitution Party of New Mexico Chairman Responds to IPR, Elected National Chairman Chimes in

Several days ago, American Third Party Report broke news that the Constitution Party of New Mexico (CPNM) went against the national party and nominated a ticket of Samm Tittle for president and CPNM chairman J.W. Fakes for vice president.

I contacted Fakes to confirm the report and determine whether the CPNM had, in effect, disaffiliated from the national party with the move.… Read more ...

New Mexico Supreme Court Won’t Rehear Constitution Party Lawsuit over Disqualification

(The following was published on Ballot Access News by Richard Winger.)

On January 9, the New Mexico Supreme refused to reconsider Constitution Party of New Mexico v Duran, 34431. The issue is how to interpret section 1-7-2(c) of the election code, and whether a party that submits a petition gets one or two elections.… Read more ...

Frank Fluckiger: Stand with the Constitution Party in the Fight for Ballot Access Across America

Published on the Constitution Party’s Facebook page on September 13, 2013: 

Dear Friend of the Constitution Party:

The New York City Board of Elections recently disqualified three independent candidates for Mayor because they did not have enough valid signatures on their petitions to be included on the ballot.

Colorado voters recalled an incumbent Democrat on Tuesday but their only choice to replace him was a Republican.… Read more ...

New Mexico Secretary of State Removes Green and Constitution Parties from Ballot

From Ballot Access News, August 23, 2013:

New Mexico Secretary of State Dianna J. Duran, a Republican, recently removed the Green Party and the Constitution Party from the ballot, even though both parties successfully petitioned in 2012 and even though, for the last seventeen years, New Mexico law has been interpreted to mean that when a party successfully petitions for party status, it gets the next two elections, not just one election.… Read more ...

Green, Constitution, and Independent American Parties Make the Ballot in New Mexico

The Green Party, Constitution Party, and Independent American Party have all been certified by the New Mexico Secretary of State as official parties, according to Richard Winger.

On April 26, the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office approved the ballot access petitions filed earlier this month for the Constitution Party, the Green Party, and the Independent American Party.

Read more ...