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Aaron Auer – Constitution Party of Oregon Candidate For Governor 2014

The Constitution Party of Oregon is the official state affiliate of the Independent American Party

Speaking at Columbia River PUD
Monday, December 16 at 7PM

64001 Columbia River Hwy, Deer Island, OR, OR 97054

Dear Friends,
Don Lamunyon is heading up our Constitution Party meeting on this Monday 7pm at the PUD meeting room.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Oregon Officially Affiliates With Independent American Party


September 6, 2013

This week the Steering Committee of the Constitution Party of Oregon
voted to join the National Alliance of Independent American Parties. It did so
in order to further the purpose of that Alliance, to wit, “to provide all voters
registered or associated with its affiliated parties in the several States with a
unified vehicle to achieve three objectives: (1) to create an opportunity to
express political hopes and aspirations, (2) to develop a consensus on the
proper role and function of government based upon the American Heritage of
individual rights and responsibilities under God, and (3) to effectively channel
energy into political changes that satisfy those hopes and aspirations and
reflect that consensus by electing candidates to public office, adopting
resolutions, organizing boycotts, etc.”… Read more ...

Brief CCTUC Meeting Report for June 8th, 2013

Here is the latest report from the Clarion Call to Unite Committee (CCTUC). The CCTUC is an organization that aims to unite all right-wing and constitutionalist minor parties under one banner. This group has been well chronicled on IPR, one needs to only do a search for them in the search box on the site to find out more. Read more ...

Oregon Constitution Party Nominates Will Christenson for President

The Oregon Constitution Party has been disaffiliated from the national committee of the Constitution Party since 2006. It was widely expected not to nominate Virgil Goode for President this year and that expectation was proven correct on August 18th when they nominated Will Christenson of the Independent American Party as their nominee.… Read more ...

Constitution Party and Pacific Green Party in Oregon Hold Conventions, Progressive Party Tries to Make Ballot

Jeff Mapes, over at The Oregonian’s political blog, made a comprehensive  post concerning the latest third party events in Oregon. This includes news of the Constitution Party and Pacific Green Party’s convention, the Progressive Party’s efforts to get on the ballot, and the Independent Party’s endorsements.

1. The Constitution Party of Oregon will hold a convention June 26 and expects to pick a candidate for governor. 

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Prognosticators Suggest Constitution Party of Oregon Will Have Effect On Statewide Elections

In Oregon’s governor’s race there Constitution Party in 2006 scored around 50,000 votes, or 3.6%, with Mary Starrett at the helm. In the US Senate race in 2008, the Constitution Party candidate–Dave Brownlow–racked up over 92,000 votes for a total of 5.24%. This track record has lead some prognosticators to suggest that the Constitution Party of Oregon will have a major effect on the outcome of November’s statewide elections.… Read more ...

Mary Starrett Faces Impossible Math For A Win, Hopes For A Recount and Runoff

Mary Starrett is the former Communications Director of the national Constitution Party, as well as the gubernatorial candidate of the Oregon Constitution Party in 2006–a race in which she netted over 50,000 votes, or 3.6%. She is running for a seat on the Yamhill County Commission a non-partisan position. The election for this seat took place on May 18th, 2010, but the results were so close that a recount was suspected.… Read more ...

Mary Starrett Headed for Recount, Losing by 13 Votes

The former Communication Director of the Constitution Party, Mary Starrett, has been running for Yamhill County Commissioner in Yamhill County, Oregon. Her race took place on Tuesday, May 18th. Early results indicate that out of over 20,000 votes, Mary Starrett is behind by a mere 13 votes. There will be a recount.… Read more ...

Local Paper Profiles Mary Starrett

Mary Starrett is the former Communications Director of the Constitution Party who is now running for Yamhill County Commissioner in Oregon against a two-term incumbent. The Yamhill Valley News Register has published an interesting profile of both Mary Starrett and her campaign.

A former TV newscaster and TV and radio talk show host, Starrett launched into the talking points she’s been using in her campaign to unseat two-term incumbent Mary Stern.

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The top 10 of 2008: #10-6

I have spent the last couple of days compiling information on the top 10 independent or third-party candidates in the country in 2008. For obvious reasons, this list had to have very specific criterion, otherwise it would have been far too expansive and far too hard to rank. So this list is specifically for candidates vying for federal or state-wide office, excepting the Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidates.… Read more ...