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Philadelphia Green Party candidate faces petition challenge despite court ruling

Ballot Access News reports that Glenn C. Davis, Green Party candidate for Philadelphia city commissioner, is facing a petition challenge “even though on July 24, 2015, a U.S. District Court struck down Pennsylvania’s challenge procedures as applied to the Constitution, Green, and Libertarian parties.”

Davis is the chair of the Green Party of Philadelphia.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Pennsylvania to Hold Allegheny County Picnic on June 28th





From the CP of Pennsylvania website: 



All Freedom-Lovers are invited to join us for the
7th Annual Constitution Party of Allegheny County Picnic
at Harmar Grove, North Park

Our “Back to Basics” picnic is about the simple life.  It is about the old-fashioned way of doing things.
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Third parties in Pennsylvania team up for ballot access lawsuit

from Ballot Access News
Pennsylvania Minor Parties File Brief in 3rd Circuit

October 20th, 2010

On October 20, the Constitution, Green and Libertarian Parties of Pennsylvania filed this 39-page brief in the Third Circuit. The case is Constitution Party of Pennsylvania v Cortes, 10-3205. The issues are the Pennsylvania challenge system that subjects minor parties and independent candidates to the risk of paying up to $100,000 if they submit a petition that is insufficient; Pennsylvania’s abysmal record of counting and tallying write-ins; and the state’s threshold for a party to be ballot-qualified without petitioning.

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Free and Equal: Pennsylvania Political Insiders Intimidate Third Party and Independent Candidates to Drop Out of Races on Threat of Extensive Challenge Fees

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Every third party or independent candidate who filed for statewide office this year has been removed from the ballot in a blatant display of intimidation. Organizers from several political parties and voter rights organizations held a press conference, August 23, to explain what happened and why.

Attending were: state Sen.… Read more ...

Tea Partier John Krupa Withdraws From Gubernatorial Race

From the Associated Press via Pennlive.com:

John Krupa, a self-proclaimed “tea party” candidate for governor, has withdrawn from the race in the face of a challenge of his petition signatures.

Krupa’s lawyer, David Montgomery, said he signed the withdrawal papers on Sunday. He filed them Monday, just before a hearing on a challenge to Krupa’s candidacy was to begin in Commonwealth Court in Philadelphia.

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Should Arlen Specter Have Switched to Independent Instead of Democrat?

Arlen Specter is a sitting U.S. Senator who, last year, switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party after polls showed him trailing his primary opponent. Now polls show him trailing his Democratic primary opponent. Slate recently published an interesting article concerning whether it would have been better for Specter to run as an Independent.… Read more ...