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Posts tagged as “Constitution Party of Tennessee”

Constitution Party of Tennessee releases October newsletter

The Constitution Party of  Tennessee (CPOT) released its latest newsletter on October 16, 2013. The full newsletter can be found at the link below:

Interestingly, two 2012 U.S. Senate candidates, former Republican Zack Poskevich and former Libertarian Shaun Crowell are now CPOT leaders, serving as state chairman and state vice-chairman, respectively.… Read more ...

Randy Stufflebeam Hosts Latest Episode of “Constitution Party Talk Radio”

Constitution Party National Vice-Chairman Randy Stufflebeam welcomes back 2008 CP vice-presidential candidate Darrell Castle on this edition of “Constitution Party Talk Radio” to talk about several topics, including the Constitution Party of Tennessee’s recent ballot access victory in court. Constitutionally Correct, the actual name of the radio show, is hosted on Blog Talk Radio every Wednesday and Thursday at 8 PM Central time, and covers “all things Constitution Party related.”… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Tennessee Announces Statewide Meeting in July

Constitution Party of Tennessee
Annual Statewide Meeting
Saturday, July 27, 2013
Location:  Nashville area – specific location to be determined.

The State Executive Committee of the Constitution Party of Tennessee (CPOT) would like to invite all members and people interested in becoming members to the 2013 annual meeting.… Read more ...