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Constitution Party of Virginia Chairman Attacks Presidential Nominee Don Blankenship

John Bloom, chairman of the Constitution Party of Virginia, which disaffiliated from the national party last June and attempted to reaffiliate last month, wrote a letter, posted on American Third Party Report, in which he makes false statements about newly-minted 2020 Constitution Party presidential nominee Don Blankenship and calls the national Constitution Party a “FAKE political party.”… Read more ...

Constitution Party Candidate for Virginia House House of Delegates Joshua Ball Ends Campaign

On April 11, 2013, Joshua Ball announced that he was running as the Constitution Party candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates from the 19th district in the November 2013 elections. However, on June 11th, Ball made the following statement on his Facebook page saying he had withdrawn his candidacy:

Pastor Joshua Ball, Constitution Party candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates 19th district released the following statement today.

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Constitution Party of Virginia Chairman: Why Not the Libertarian Party?

Why Not the Libertarian Party?

Elizabeth Michael wrote:

> I’d like to suggest to Mitch and all the other lurkers that we in the Libertarian Party ARE the third party, which can come into the Congress and fix this mess. We are running candidacies to win at the Congressional level this year.Read more ...

Randy Stufflebeam Hosts Latest Broadcast of Constitution Party Talk Radio On May 16th

Randy Stufflebeam is the national vice-chairman of the Constitution Party. He hosts his radio show, Constitutionally Correct, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays each week. It is billed as Constitution Party Talk Radio. On May 16th, he hosted the latest broadcast. The guests were Constitution Party of Virginia Vice-Chairman Aaron Lyles and 2014 CP candidate for US Senate in Virginia Jim Penbroke.  … Read more ...