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Press Release: Constitution Party Aims to Oust VP Cheney’s Daughter

The Constitution Party released the following statement Tuesday to its email subscribers urging its members to run for office and discussing the nomination for US Congress in Wyoming:

This is an exciting time, and it’s going to get even more interesting very soon!

Constitution Party members IN EVERY STATE are urged to run for office.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Wyoming Organizing Petition Drive to Repeal School Superintendents Law

Published on therepublic.com: 

Petition drive led by Wyoming Constitution Party seeks to repeal school superintendents law

By Bob Moen, AP

May 28, 2012


CHEYENNE, Wyoming — Organizers of an effort to repeal changes to the state schools chief’s duties and powers turned in petition signatures to the Wyoming secretary of state’s office with just minutes to spare before the deadline Tuesday.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Wyoming Stands Against Federal Monopolization of Education

MESSAGE FROM THE NATIONAL CHAIRMAN: Wyoming, Sign the Petition to Suspend SF-104 and Defeat Common Core

The Wyoming Constitution Party, under the leadership of state party chairman Jennifer Young, is moving forward on a huge referendum drive to repeal SF 104, the “Education/Superintendent of Public Instruction bill.” The legislation and the politics behind it are directly linked to the Constitution Party.… Read more ...

Wyoming: Country Party Submits Signatures, Constitution Party To Do the Same

Over at Ballot Access News, Richard Winger reports that the Country Party has filed their petition to be on the ballot. This is a party that is not putting forth any presidential candidate.

On December 6, the Country Party submitted 6,387 signatures to the Wyoming Secretary of State, on its petition to be a qualified party.

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Wyoming Third Parties Show Growth, Discord

Third party candidates often do well in areas where one major party is substantially weaker than its rival. One can list numerous examples of this phenomenom: Minneapolis,  San Francisco, parts of Massachusetts, rural Nevada, and Rhode Island among others. Other areas, like Democratic Hawaii, have not yet reached this point. However, Wyoming may be the newest member of this club.… Read more ...

Wyoming Independent Gubernatorial Candidate Fails to Qualify

Ballot Access News:

Taylor Haynes, who would have been the first independent candidate on the ballot for Wyoming Governor since 1958 if he had qualified this year, did not qualify. He was unable to obtain the needed 4,988 valid signatures. This is the second petition failure in Wyoming this year.… Read more ...

Wyoming: First Independent Gubernatorial Candidate in 52 Years Endorsed by Constitution Party


From Wyoming News:

Cheyenne rancher and retired surgeon Taylor Haynes is confident that his name will appear on the Nov. 2 ballot as an independent candidate for Wyoming governor.

Haynes planned to turn in a petition with nearly 7,000 signatures Monday. He needs 4,988 names to meet the requirements for an independent nomination.

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Constitution Party of Wyoming Turns In 7,000 Signatures

The Constitution Party could become the fourth ballot qualified party in Wyoming according to this news article. Today they submitted over 7,000 petition signatures for a requirement of 5,000.

Supporters of the Constitution Party turned in thousands of signatures Tuesday afternoon in an attempt to get the group’s candidates recognized alongside Republican, Democrat and Libertarian candidates in Wyoming’s general election.

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