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Alberto Bocanegra, Jr., Green for Chicago’s 12th Ward alderman, has apparently raised over $50,000 in his campaign

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

Alberto Bocanegra, Jr., Chair of the Cook County Greens, has apparently raised over $50,000 in his campaign for the 12th Ward Alderman in Chicago against incumbent George Cardenas and 3 other challengers. Cardenas has raised over $135,000 according to the Chicago Sun-Times.… Read more ...

Chicago Sun-Times: ‘Can an independent win here?’

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Never in Cook County’s nearly 180 years has an independent been elected to countywide office, experts say, but some say it could happen this year.

“I think there’s such upheaval politically that voters may not get hung up on party affiliation,” said Joseph Schwieterman, director of DePaul University’s Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development.

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Forrest Claypool Makes Ballot And Writes Independence Day Editorial

Forrest Claypool is an independent candidate for Assessor in Cook County, Illinois. He currently sits on the Cook County Board of Commissioners as an independent. Claypool recently submitted 90,000 petition signatures and reveals in a recent editorial for the Huffington Post that he has qualified for the ballot.

Many Americans have been enthralled by the latest reality show – the ongoing trial of former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.

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Chicago Tribune Editorializes For Forrest Claypool

Forrest Claypool is an Independent candidate for Cook County Assessor in Cook County, Illinois, who is currently attempting to collect 25,000 valid signatures in order to get on the ballot. The Chicago Tribune published this editorial calling for people to sign Claypool’s petition.

Come Election Day, voters need to make sure Democratic candidate Joseph Berrios and his cronies don’t win the key to the office of Cook County assessor.

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Illinois Green candidates on PBS program ‘Chicago Tonight’

Green Party candidate for Illinois governor Rich Whitney, Green Party candidate for US Senate in Illinois LeAlan Jones, and Green Party candidate for Cook County Board President Tom Tresser all appeared on the PBS program Chicago Tonight on Wednesday.  You can watch their appearance below.

H/T to Green Party Watch.… Read more ...

Carol Marin: Unhappy Illinois voters could turn to the Green Party

Chicago Sun-Times columnist writes (you can read the full column here):

Huckelberry, 33, chairs the Illinois Green Party, and he sees a tide slowly turning its way.You might think that sounds ridiculous but hang on.

Illinois has had only a short courtship with the Greens since they fielded their first slate of statewide candidates in 2006.

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Results from Tuesday’s Green Party primary in Illinois

This past Tuesday, there were statewide and local primaries across Illinois.  Since the Green Party is an established party in Illinois, they had primaries for various seats.  On a statewide level all of their primaries were uncontested, with only one person running, but various congressional races and other races had two or more people running. … Read more ...

Early voting starts in Illinois primaries (list of contested primaries included)

Today early voting started in Illinois’ various primary elections.  Aside from the Democrats and Republicans, the Green Party is ballot qualified and will be having primaries for various seats.  This includes congressional candidate Matt Reichel, who got about seven percent of the vote as the party’s nominee in a special congressional election in 2009, and is currently running in a primary for the same seat against Andrew Williams and Terrence A.… Read more ...

Cook County Board Presidential candidates to face off on health issues

On Tuesday, candidates for Cook County Board President will be debating in a forum about the county’s health system.  Included in the forum will be Green Party candidate Tom Tresser.


What: Cook County Board presidential candidates will offer views on the county-run health system’s future.

When: 6 to 7:30 p.m.

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Green Cook County, IL candidate on Chicago corruption

Tom Tresser is the Green Party’s candidate for Cook County Board President in Illinois.  Cook County encompasses part of the city of Chicago.  Mike Volpe of The Provocateur recently interviewed him on the topic of corruption in local politics:

Tresser announced his candidacy for Cook County Board President back in October.

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Illinois Greens holding ‘holiday party’

In an email to supporters, Green Party congressional candidate Matt Reichel talked about a “holiday party” that gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney, Cook County Board Presidential candidate Tom Tresser, and he would attend.  Details are below.

Just a reminder that our Green Party Holiday Party will take place this Tuesday, Dec 15th.

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Are Green concerns in Cook County justified?

As previously reported here, a (possibly former) Young Democrat named Sean Burke is running in the Green Party primary for Cook County Board President in Illinois.  There has been some concern that he is some kind of saboteur from the Democratic Party – concern that is not unwarranted, given the filing of a neo-Nazi in some Green primaries in Illinois this year and previous efforts by Democrats to undermine Greens (for the example, the bill that passed the legislature in Illinois this year making harder for Greens to nominate a candidate).… Read more ...