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Summerell: NC has the best leaders money can buy

Press release from the Libertarian Party of North Carolina
Aug. 7, 2013

by J.J. Summerell
Chair, Libertarian Party of North Carolina

Members are appointed to the University of North Carolina Board of Governors because they’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Republican Party, even though some are Democrats.

Directors of the N.C.… Read more ...

JJ Summerell: No welfare for (Met)Life

RALEIGH (April 18) – The awarding of nearly $100 million in “corporate incentives” to MetLife, one of the largest insurance companies in the world, is a classic example of state and local governments playing the game of Reverse Robin Hood, robbing from the poor to give to the rich, a North Carolina  Libertarian Party spokesman said in a statement today.… Read more ...

RI Moderate Party: ‘Wink and nod’ politics dooming our state

From an email sent to IPR by Ken Block :

‘Wink and nod’ – and the tax payer loses
‘Wink and nod’ politics and governance has brought Rhode Island to a financial precipice.

Whether it is a huge issue like our completely broken pension system or a small issue like an individual falsely claiming disability to collect a tax advantaged disability pension, inadequate governmental oversight exposes the tax payer to unconstrained and inappropriate costs.… Read more ...

Wayne Root: Obamageddon: Signs That Obama’s Great Depression Has Begun

By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and Author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian”

The best professional poker players in the world earn millions by reading and reacting to “tells,” their opponents’ verbal and nonverbal traits. They notice the way an opponent is smiling, frowning, laughing, tapping their hands, sweating, or blinking their eyes.… Read more ...

Darrell Castle: Burning for Revolution

by Darrell Castle
Constitution Party Vice-Chairman

Mohamed Bouazizi was a 26 year old man who lived in a small town in Tunisia called Sidi Bouzid. According to family members, he supported his mother and six sisters with the US$140 per month he earned as a street vendor selling produce from a wheelbarrow-type cart.… Read more ...

Ralph Nader: ‘Time to Topple Corporate Dictators’

Excerpted below, by Ralph Nader, via CounterPunch.org:

Americans Need to Start Showing Up

Time to Topple Corporate Dictators


The 18 day non-violent Egyptian protests for freedom raise the question: is America next? Were Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine around, they would likely say “what are we waiting for?”

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Alberto Bocanegra, Jr., Green for Chicago’s 12th Ward alderman, has apparently raised over $50,000 in his campaign

Ronald Hardy at Green Party Watch:

Alberto Bocanegra, Jr., Chair of the Cook County Greens, has apparently raised over $50,000 in his campaign for the 12th Ward Alderman in Chicago against incumbent George Cardenas and 3 other challengers. Cardenas has raised over $135,000 according to the Chicago Sun-Times.… Read more ...

Green Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner removed from office by City Council

In a blow for the Green Party and many others, the party’s only City Councilor in Boston, Chuck Turner, was voted out of office by the City Council today.  He had been previously reelected with about 60 percent of the vote, even after accusations of bribery that eventually led to his conviction were made (see Turner’s defense of himself here). … Read more ...

Green Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner: ‘Why I Won’t Resign’

After being convicted in an extortion case, which Turner claims was a persecution rather than a prosecution, Boston’s Green City Councillor penned the following piece:

Reporters keep asking me why I won’t resign since I have been convicted of the crime of extortion of $1000 and three crimes of lying to FBI officials.… Read more ...

Counterpunch: Prosecution of Green Boston city councilor part of federal ‘targeting of black officials’

From Counterpunch:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation pays a black man (Ronald Wilburn) $30,000 to offer a bribe of $1,000 to a black Boston City Councilor (Chuck Turner).  What’s wrong with this picture?

US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz does not think anything is wrong with this picture.  After Chuck Turner’s October 29 conviction in his federal corruption trial, she called a press conference, at which The Boston Globe reported her as saying that “Turner faces his predicament because he had ‘made choices of his own free will.’” 

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PSL: ‘Corporate greed and racism created Arizona anti-immigrant law’

By: Frank Levine at PSLweb.org:

Private prison corporations sought increased profits for jailing allegedly undocumented immigrants

Arizona’s barbaric anti-immigration law SB 1070, now facing federal court challenges, was created to not only scapegoat immigrants, but also feed the boundless greed of capitalists. Private prison corporations and politicians worked hand in hand in the law’s creation as they drooled at the prospect of huge profits through the unjust detention of thousands of undocumented immigrants.… Read more ...

IPR Exclusive: Democrats turn to dirty tricks against Green in PA state rep. race, DA might investigate

I am a volunteer for Hugh Giordano’s campaign for state legislature in Philadelphia, and today we had some interesting events unfold.  What I’m writing here I know from talking to Hugh and one of our campaign workers.

The campaign worker was in the Philadelphia neighborhood Wynnefield, and she noticed that some of Hugh’s signs which he had just put up the night before were missing. … Read more ...