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Ralph Nader: ‘Time to Topple Corporate Dictators’

Excerpted below, by Ralph Nader, via

Americans Need to Start Showing Up

Time to Topple Corporate Dictators


The 18 day non-violent Egyptian protests for freedom raise the question: is America next? Were Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine around, they would likely say “what are we waiting for?”

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Sam Smith on CounterPunch analyzes Fred Horch’s near win in Maine state rep. race

From CounterPunch:

But in Maine, Greens actually matter and the Democrats take them quite seriously. In fact, a few years back when Green John Eder was elected to the legislature with 65% of the vote, the Democrats sought to correct that scary development by redistricting him.

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Counterpunch: Prosecution of Green Boston city councilor part of federal ‘targeting of black officials’

From Counterpunch:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation pays a black man (Ronald Wilburn) $30,000 to offer a bribe of $1,000 to a black Boston City Councilor (Chuck Turner).  What’s wrong with this picture?

US Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz does not think anything is wrong with this picture. 

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John Halle on CounterPunch asks readers to support the Green Party against Rahm Emanuel in Chicago mayoral race

From CounterPunch:

Emanuel’s access to the highest echelons of the Democratic Party corporate establishment and to attendant hordes of cold cash for the asking makes it a good bet that he will waltz through the Democratic Party primary campaign one which will amount to a coronation ceremony rather than a competition…

These include environmentalists well aware of his role in pushing through the “pragmatic” appointment of energy industry shill Ken Salazar and Obama’s catastrophic jettisoning of his campaign pledge to continue the ban on off-shore drilling.

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