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Party for Socialism and Liberation: Cuba: Environmentally sustainable development is possible

Cuba: Environmentally sustainable development is possible

Capitalism talks, socialism achieves

Published May 31, 2013

Urban agriculture in Cuba. 

Several years ago, the World Wildlife Fund called Cuba the only country in the world to have achieved sustainable development, which it measures as the improvement of the quality of human life within the carrying capacity of a country’s ecosystem.… Read more ... “Party for Socialism and Liberation: Cuba: Environmentally sustainable development is possible”

ROOT: George Costanza for President

George Costanza for President
Seinfeld shows the way to save the U.S. economy

Remember “Seinfeld”? It was one of the most successful TV series in the history of American television. The show revolved around Jerry Seinfeld and his buddy George Costanza. George was the ultimate loser. Everything he did was a colossal failure.… Read more ... “ROOT: George Costanza for President”

Wayne Root: Obamageddon: Signs That Obama’s Great Depression Has Begun

By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and Author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian”

The best professional poker players in the world earn millions by reading and reacting to “tells,” their opponents’ verbal and nonverbal traits. They notice the way an opponent is smiling, frowning, laughing, tapping their hands, sweating, or blinking their eyes.… Read more ... “Wayne Root: Obamageddon: Signs That Obama’s Great Depression Has Begun”

Libertarian chair “sort of” commends Obama’s Cuba decision

WASHINGTON – Mark Hinkle, Chairman of the Libertarian Party, sort of commends President Obama for his decision to just barely ease travel restrictions and restrictions on sending private financial assistance to the people suffering under the socialist government of Cuba.

Hinkle said, “The president has shown less-than-tremendous courage here. I suppose it’s a tiny positive step that our government will permit Americans to send $500 to a Cuban every three months.… Read more ... “Libertarian chair “sort of” commends Obama’s Cuba decision”

Former GP VP Candidate Rosa Clemente comments on Cuba

(excerpt from) Allhiphop.com
By Ismael AbduSalaam

The Obama Administration has taken the first step to mending 50 years of antagonism with Cuba by relaxing some of the gift and travel restrictions with the socialist nation…

Although key provisions from the long-standing trade embargo were modified, non-Cuban Americans are still restricted from traveling, and gifts to high-ranking officials of the Cuban government are still forbidden…

A long-time critic of Castro’s regime and the deification of Che Guevara in popular culture, Cuban rapper Pitbull is hopeful that President Obama’s diplomatic relations will eventually move Cuba into democracy…

Former 2008 Green Party VP candidate Rosa Clemente was less optimistic of Obama’s latest move.

Read more ... “Former GP VP Candidate Rosa Clemente comments on Cuba”