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MAPPED: Which Green Reigns Supreme?

Our favorite Twitter mapmaker Nick (@Mill226) has been graciously allowing us to republish some of his maps here on IPR. If you find these kinds of visualizations interesting, you should definitely follow him on Twitter.

As a special commission for IPR, we’ve asked Nick to do a set of maps comparing the Green Party’s showings in presidential elections from 1996 to 2020.… Read more ...

The ‘Independent-Green Party’ Are Not Your Friends

In the 2020 Green Party Presidential Primary, lesser known candidate Chad Wilson who was dissatisfied with the process, decided he would create a new Political Party, known as the Independent Green Party. The goal of the group were to form a coalition of the people who did not support the GP’s 2020 nominee Howie Hawkins, particularly the individuals who were supportive of the movement to draft Jesse Ventura, and they intend to draft him for their nomination in 2024.… Read more ...

Cynthia McKinney Pens Two Open Letters to President Trump

Cynthia McKinney, the former Democratic congresswoman who ran for president as the Green Party nominee in 2008 and who has since joined the Libertarian Party, penned two open letters to President Donald Trump dated yesterday and today.  The letters, which McKinney posted on her official website, present a path forward for President Trump to earn the support of African Americans like McKinney.… Read more ...

Mike Gravel Turns 90

Former two term Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska turned 90 years old today.  Gravel unsuccessfully sought the Libertarian Party’s 2008 presidential nomination, losing to former Congressman Bob Barr at the National Convention.  Gravel remained with the party until 2010 when he rejoined the Democrats.

Prior to his Libertarian candidacy, Gravel ran for the Democratic Party’s 2008 presidential nomination.… Read more ...

Robert David Steele Seeking Libertarian Presidential Nomination, Wants to Create Coalition to End “Two Party Tyranny”

From Libertarian Party presidential hopeful Robert David Steele in a letter to fellow IPR contributor Paulie Frankel:

I am running as a candidate for the LP nomination at the same time that Cynthia McKinney may be running for the Green nomination, with the intent of showing all small parties and the Independents how they can come together now, in 2015, to demand passage of the Electoral Reform Act of 2015 in time to elect a coalition cabinet that opens the floodgates for small party and independent candidates at all levels and especially into Congress.… Read more ...

Atlanta Music Liberty Fest Planned for April, To Include Several Third Party Figures

The following was originally posted at Cody Quirk’s blog, Independent and Third Party News and Views (ITPNV).

Atlanta Music Liberty Fest

“Liberty Train” founders Barbie Dunn and Dan Hagen are at it again! After their successful Music City liberty Fest on Nov 3rd, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee, they have planned the Atlanta Music Liberty Fest for April 6th, 2013 to be held in Atlanta, Georgia at the Center Stage Theater.
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Cynthia McKinney to Run for Congress as a Green

Below is a press release from the National Green Party. Note it quotes Richard Winger regarding Georgia’s onerous ballot access requirements.

Georgia Greens Welcome McKinney’s Entry to Race
Green Party to meet in Nominating Convention June 2nd

Following weeks of rumors and media reports about her intentions,
Stone Mountain, Georgia resident Cynthia McKinney, a six term member
of the U.S.… Read more ...

Cynthia McKinney to Run for Her Old Congressional Seat

Cynthia McKinney is a former Democratic Congresswoman from Georgia who switched to the Green Party and ran for President in 2008. Now, according to this article, McKinney is intent on getting back to Congress, this time as a Green.

Since February she has made a few public appearances in her old district but stayed low key with her plans.

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Cynthia McKinney Running for Congress as a Green?

Full story at Green Party Watch: here.

Cynthia McKinney Running for Congress as a Green?
by Ron Hardy/April 2, 2012

According to Atlanta Progressive News, Cynthia McKinney will be attempting to get on the ballot for the House of Representatives in her Atlanta district where she previously served 6 terms as a Democrat.

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2008 GP Prez Candidate writes about Trayvon Martin and the international struggle against US lawlessness

An e-mail statement from
Cynthia McKinney
March 31, 2012

The U.S. Tolerates Domestic Extra-Judicial Killings, Persecution, Racial Discrimination, and Genocide: Justice for Trayvon Martin Also Means Joining the International Struggle Against U.S. Lawlessness

As a mother of a young Black man whom I pray for nightly and worry daily about his life being violently ended senselessly either by someone marginalized by the unjust social structure of U.S.… Read more ...

Update on Candidates for the Green Party Presidential Nomination

Green Party Watch held a presidential poll with the following results:

1,792 votes cast, Jill Stein received 1,223 of them, or 68%. Roseanne Barr, who had just entered the race in the last week, picked up 526 votes, or 29%. There were 35 votes for Kent Mesplay, and 8 votes for Harley Mikkelson

GPW reports that Roseanne Barr is very active on Twitter, and had tweeted a challenge to Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to have both herself and Jill Stein on their programs.… Read more ...

Chuck Baldwin: ‘Newt Gingrich? Really?’

From an article at Chuck Baldwin Live by 2008 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Chuck Baldwin:

If one believes that the problem is out-of-control government trampling our Bill of Rights, Newt Gingrich is definitely not the solution. If one believes the problem is the lack of Christian morals among our civil magistrates, Newt Gingrich is definitely not the solution.

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