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Posts tagged as “D Frank Robinson”

IPR, LP Remember David F Nolan; Personal Papers Acquired By Library of Congress

Unknown potential voter with LP founder David F. Nolan

Eleven years ago yesterday (21 November 2010), David Frasier Nolan, principal founder of the Libertarian Party US, passed away at the age of 66,

David was born 23 November 1943.  Tomorrow would have been his 78th birthday.… Read more ...

D. Frank Robinson: LINC 2020

In an interview with Ari Armstrong in 2001, LP principal founder David F Nolan expressed his view that the LP ought to put more emphasis on Congressional elections.

I have shared that view since my proposal I called LINC 80 (Libertarians IN Congress ’80) was met with a shrug by the LP administrative leaders at that time.… Read more ...

Distributed Voting for Libertarian Party Presidential Candidates: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

By D. Frank Robinson, co-founder of the LP and founding chair of its Bylaws Committee

Historically, an American political party has not been a consistent entity; rather, it has been an ever-changing mix or coalition of individuals and groups who use the institution of a party to advance their own particular economic and social goals through a charismatic figure for President – when available.… Read more ...