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Daily Kos Issues Call For Unity Among Democrats By Banning Talk Of Third Party Candidates

By MintPress News Desk
May 27, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS — In yet another sign of the divisive nature of the 2016 race to the White House, in which both parties are struggling to unite behind their presumptive nominees, a popular liberal website wants to cut down on attacks on Hillary Clinton by Bernie Sanders supporters.… Read more ...

Green Party activist Ian Wilder comments on Kucinich and health care

My co-blogger, Ian Wilder, posted this at onthewilderside.com:

Is Kucinich just herding sheep to slaughter?

IW: While faux progressive sites like Daily Kos and MoveOn have threatened Kucinich for not voting for the toothless health insurance bill, independent media site like Black Agenda Report and Democracy Now! have lobbed softballs his way.

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Libertarian Curtis Harris gets attention for running ‘against Congress’

Libertarian candidate for Congress in Colorado’s second district Curtis Harris got some attention yesterday from the liberal blogosphere for his slogan “Curtis against Congress.”  At Daily Kos and ColoradoPols.com, they said it was a contradiction, but it seems to be more of an anti-incumbent and smaller government stance.

H/T to Skyler Mckinley, via contact.ipr@gmail.com… Read more ...

One more prominent figure speculates on the possibility of more powerful third parties

A front page blogger at the powerful Democratic blog Daily Kos has posted a Sunday post – often the most widely read – about the possibility of a new third party movement, and his opinion on that possibility.  This is significant because Daily Kos usually has strict rules against speaking about third parties and it is a blog that gets at least hundreds of thousands of visits per day. … Read more ...