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Wayne Root: Obamageddon: Signs That Obama’s Great Depression Has Begun

By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and Author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian”

The best professional poker players in the world earn millions by reading and reacting to “tells,” their opponents’ verbal and nonverbal traits. They notice the way an opponent is smiling, frowning, laughing, tapping their hands, sweating, or blinking their eyes.… Read more ...

Dallas Libertarians: Photos from St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Photos from St. Patrick’s Day Parade from John Jay Myers and the Dallas Libertarian Party:

For more about the parade, see Dallas Libertarians participate in parade with 100,000 attendees, offer customizable video to other local LPs

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Dallas Libertarians participate in parade with 100,000 attendees, offer customizable video to other local LPs

From John Jay Myers’ blog:


Parades have always been a really great way for us to reach out to people and let them know we exist.

The Key ingredient is having a guy like Richard Forsythe who owns a truck and a trailer.… Read more ...

John Jay Myers: Some Thoughts About Unions

John Jay Myers via facebook:

There was a time for unions, there is even a time for some unions today. I don’t agree with what unions have become, for the most part today they are a complete disaster. There are few things out there that can so damage an economy like an over zealous union with deep political connections.… Read more ...

Dallas County Libertarian Party youtube spot

Via John Jay Myers at facebook and Grassroots Libertarians:

Description at youtube (with slight corrections): The Dallas County Libertarian Party wants you to know that all elections are not about the Presidency. With a solid group in Dallas we could influence politics as usual a great deal.

Too often voters get hung up believing that they can’t change politics on a local level.… Read more ...

Libertarians write letters in support of John Jay Myers for LNC vacancy

Chuck Moulton in IPR comments:

I had heard several people mention the idea of leaving David Nolan’s at-large seat vacant. It seemed like a good idea to me, but when I read the bylaws I found that the LNC is required to fill the vacancy.

LP Bylaws, article 8, section 7:

The National Committee shall appoint new officers and members-at-large if vacancies occur, such officers and members-at-large to complete the term of the office vacated.

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Dallas Examiner: ‘LP Texas isn’t just a political party’

A video from John Jay Myers, and an article from the Dallas Examiner (sent to contact.ipr@gmail.com by Myers):

So what does the Libertarian Party of Texas do once the campaign and election season is over? Crawl into a cave like a big brown bear and hibernate for two years?

Not so says the Dallas County LP’s John Jay Myers in a video released just in time for the new year titledLibertarian Party of Texas 2011 Legislative Agenda.

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LP of Florida Resolution in support of Dallas for national convention

Email from Vicki Kirkland, LP of Florida Chair:

The Libertarian Party of Florida voted on their Sunday night, November 14th State Executive Committee phone conference to endorse Dallas, Texas as the site for the 2012 Naional Convention. The vote was unanimous.

See previous discussion here.

The issue will be decided at this weekend’s LNC meeting.… Read more ...

Libertarians in support of national convention being in Dallas put up facebook page

Posted on facebook, sent to me by Erik G.

We Support a DFW, TX LP National Convention in 2012


As many of you know our LNC is currently working on a location for the 2012 National Convention. The 2 contenders are DFW, TX and Las Vegas, NV. As you can imagine I am admittedly for DFW.… Read more ...

John Jay Myers: Post-election wrap up

Posted by John Jay Myers on facebook. Myers ran as a Libertarian against Pete Sessions (R) in TX-32.

Official release:

“Thank you to all donors and volunteers! John Jay Myers raised more than any other Libertarian candidate in the 32nd district with over $7200, and he received the highest percentage of any Libertarian candidate in the district’s history.… Read more ...

Dallas County Libertarian Party: “Good News For Libertarians”

Emailed to contact.ipr@gmail.com:

Even as pendulum of partisan politics continues to swing back and forth between the incumbent parties of big government, this year freedom finally has cause to rejoice. More and more people in Dallas and nationwide are beginning to see through the “two-party system”, and they are increasingly seeing the Libertarian Party as a viable alternative.… Read more ...