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Third Party political report back from D. Eris, including notes on incident at Air and Space Museum

D. Eris’s full story, with videos, is very worth reading. Go to it at Poli-Tea: here.

(excerpt from)
Occupation Protest in Washington DC Continues, Demonstrators Pepper Sprayed inside Air and Space Museum

from Poli-Tea

Demonstrations inspired by the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protest took place in cities across the country on Saturday.… Read more ...

Poli-Tea Web Video: Declare Your Independence

Posted at Poli-Tea and TPID:

I have just uploaded my first Poli-Tea video to Youtube: “Declare your Independence.” Last month, the California Independent Voter Network put out a call for video declarations of independence, which got me thinking, and, well, you can see the first results for yourself below.… Read more ...