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California: Green and AIP Team Up For Legalization of Marijuana

It is not very often that you see a member of the Green Party partner with a member of a far-right party like the American Independent Party in government. However, that is just what happened at a meeting of the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors. A couple of days ago former Congressman and Green Party Supervisor Dan Hamburg joined with American Independent Party member and Supervisor John Pinches in opposition to a vote concerning involving federal intelligence agencies and monitoring of growth of marijuana illegally on public lands.… Read more ...

Green Party Wins on Election Day 2010

Compiled by Brent McMillan and posted at Green Party Watch by Ronald Hardy:

Wins (including ballot access) on Nov. 2, 2010 – Unofficial Results

Joy Ballard won her race for Saline County Collector, AR. She finished first of seven candidates for one seat with 19,131 votes, 69.28%. Partisan.

Bruce Delgado won his re-election to Mayor of Marina City, Monterey County, CA.… Read more ...

Green Party of California analyzes 2010 election results

News Advisory

Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010
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GREEN PARTY POSTS KEY MAYORAL, LOCAL WINS; State and Congressional candidates also garner high vote totals, including more than 20% in South State race

SACRAMENTO – The Green Party of California claimed key mayoral and supervisorial victories in local election results, and its state and congressional candidates garnered significant votes totals Tuesday far above party registration, according to party officials.… Read more ...

California: Green Party Election Results

from onthewilderside:

Election News from CA: Incumbent greens re-elected, Governor candidate Laura Wells makes a showing, and Prop 23 is defeated

The Green Party of California won on several levels on election day.

Gayle McLaughlin, a green incumbent, won re-election for Mayor of Richmond. Several incumbent and non-incumbent California greens won local offices.… Read more ...

Dan Hamburg Places First In Mendocino County Supervisor Race, Faces Runoff

Dan Hamburg is a former Democratic Congressman from California as well as the gubernatorial candidate for the Green Party in 1998. Hamburg ran for Mendocino County Supervisor this year and placed first, with 34%. However, since he did not win a majority, the race is headed for a runoff.

The chances for change are slimmer in the much watched 5th District supervisor race, in which candidates to the left and right of liberal appear to be facing a runoff.

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‘Runoff likely’ for Green former Congressman running in Mendocino County

Former Democratic Congressman Dan Hamburg, who also ran for governor of California as a Green in 1998, is now running for 5th District County Supervisor in Mendocino County.  The county is known for being a place where the spirit of the sixties lives on, with marijuana being its biggest cash crop and, in the words of Hamburg, “more organic acreage” than any county in the United States, among other things.… Read more ...

Green Change: Dan Hamburg for Mendocino County (CA) Board of Supervisors

From GreenChange (by way of Green Party Watch):

Green Change endorses California’s Dan Hamburg for Mendocino County Board of Supervisors. His record of public service and passionate advocacy for Green values make him an exceptional candidate.

Mendocino County, a county the size of Delaware on California’s northern coast, is a rugged, beautiful area with numerous rivers, giant redwoods and farmland.… Read more ...

Former Congressman and current Green running for supervisor position

Posted at the Green Change Network, this is a story from the Ukiah Daily Journal.  Ukiah is located in Northern California.  It is the county seat and the largest city of the county it’s located in, with a population of over 15,000.  The article:

Former 1st Congressional District representative Dan Hamburg has officially announced his intentions to seek the 5th District supervisor seat currently held by David Colfax.Read more ...