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Libertarian Peacenik blog on Mark Hinkle, Wayne Root and the question of Libertarian Outreach to Muslims, Christian and Jews

This topic was previously discussed in the comments at LNC In Action, but not yet in an IPR post itself. Although this is always true, since this is a contentious topic, I would like to remind our readers that all opinions expressed are those of the author, in this case Thomas Sipos, not editorial statements by myself (paulie) or Independent Political Report.Read more ...

Libertarian National Committee member Dan Karlan: ‘Sixteen reasons to legalize drugs’

Article by Libertarian National Committee member Dan Karlan at Liberty for All:

1. Make our streets and homes safer.

Estimates vary widely for the proportion of violent and property crime that is related to drugs, but one-third is a midpoint figure. In an October 1987 survey of 739 police chiefs by Wharton Econometrics for the U.… Read more ...