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Colorado Constitution Party Prepares for Major-Party Status Following Tancredo’s Run for Governor


From Denver Westword:

By inching over 10 percent of the vote last Tuesday, Dan Maes saved the Colorado Republican Party from the humiliation of falling to minor-party status. But while Tom Tancredo didn’t win the race, his 30 percent-plus of the vote elevated the American Constitution Party to a major Colorado party.

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Tom Tancredo ponders his political future

From the Denver Post via TPID:

“I went to dinner at 6 o’clock and kept thinking ‘This is really going to work,’ ” Tancredo said in an interview with The Denver Post on Thursday. “And of course it didn’t. I’m content in the fact that it’s part of God’s plan.… Read more ...

Pollster: Tancredo will win

From The Business Word. H/T Cody Quirk:

…David Flaherty, president and CEO of Magellan Data and Mapping Strategies, a Louisville, CO, pollster that works for Republicans around the country. In a phone interview, Flaherty said polls that show John Hickenlooper winning the gubernatorial race are using demographics and turnout numbers that incorrectly skew their results in favor of Democrats.

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LifeNews.com: Tom Tancredo Would Tie Hickenlooper Without Dan Maes in Race

LifeNews.com reports

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters in Colorado shows Hickenlooper with a 47% to 42% lead over Tancredo, a former GOP congressman.

Maes, the failed Republican candidate whose campaign has died due to scandals and other problems, gets the support of 5 percent of voters — just enough to prevent Tancredo from tying Hickenlooper.

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Tancredo ups pressure on Maes to quit Colorado governor’s race

Jessica Fender in the Denver Post:

Would-be governor Tom Tancredo and his surrogates have run a full-court press on GOP rival Dan Maes in recent weeks, snaking supporters out from under the struggling candidate and upping pressure for Maes to exit the three-way race.

With the former Republican congressman within single digits of Democrat John Hickenlooper in a few public polls, some of the pressure has been overt.… Read more ...

Tom Tancredo: Time to Get Out The Vote

More polling news from the Tancredo campaign:

Another poll has been released and the news just keeps getting better.

This time the poll comes from the left-leaning Public Policy Institute Poll and it has us within 3% points of Hickenlooper: 47% to 44% with Maes dropping to an all-time low of 5%.… Read more ...

Tancredo Within One Point of Hickenlooper

This is from the VERY ACTIVE Tancredo campaign:

We are now within one point of Hickenlooper!

This is amazing news and I wanted you to have it as soon as possible.

The latest poll results are: 44%-Hickenlooper, 43%-Tancredo, 9%-Maes.

And we have all the momentum! After a year of campaigning and four million dollars, Hickenlooper just cannot move his poll numbers.… Read more ...

Third Party and Independent Daily: Constitution Party Updates

Several stories at TPID today about the Constitution Party:

CO-Gov: Progressives Debate Import of Tancredo’s Third Party Candidacy

From Political Chili:

Over at The Huffington Post, liberal blogger Jessica Corry is making “The Liberal Case for Tom Tancredo.”  According to Corry, Tancredo’s victory “could mean a handful of policy goodies long championed by liberal progressives.” 

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Colorado Republican politicians switching support to Constitution Party gubernatorial candidate Tancredo

Faith Mangan at Fox News Blog reports that, with Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo polling within 4% of frontrunner Democrat John Hickenlooper and Republican Dan Maes now at 10% and dropping, numerous elected Republicans are now pulling their support from Maes and switching to Tancredo.

If Maes ends up with less than 10% of the vote, the Republican Party will lose major party status in Colorado.… Read more ...

Tancredo Out Raises Maes in CO Gubernatorial Race

The Constitution Party website has the following news.

Anemic fundraising, ongoing problems with campaign-finance violations and loss of support from key party members continue to plague Republican gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes.

Maes this week reported that he raised $50,201 in August. While it was the campaign’s best fundraising month to date, third-party candidate Tom Tancredo raised nearly four times as much — $198,820 — and Democrat John Hickenlooper collected eight times Maes’ August figure, just over $411,000, bringing his total contributions for the campaign to more than $2.7 million.Read more ...

Tom Tancredo: It’s a Two-man Race

Tom Tancredo’s campaign sends the following along:

Dear Conservative,

You and I can prove this is a two-man race once and for all.

My campaign’s deadline for our next filing period ends tomorrow evening and I need your help today.

The last finance report showed what we already knew: there are only 2 real candidates in this race.… Read more ...

Can Tancredo Pull a Lieberman?

For Independent candidacies seriously looking to win a major race with three candidates, there are generally two paths to victory.

Path 1: The Jesse Ventura model. In 1998, Jesse Ventura won a race for Governor with 37% of the vote. Republican Norm Coleman took 34% and Skip Humphrey took 28%. This type of race features three competitive candidates, who all have a decent shot at winning the election.… Read more ...