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Tancredo, 2nd in Fundraising, Blocked From Debate

Two big pieces of news came out today on Tom Tancredo’s Constitution Party campaign for Colorado Governor that seem to make a striking contrast.

First, campaign finance reports are in on the three major candidates in the race. The Associated Press reports,

Third-party gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo has outpaced the Colorado Republicans’ nominee, Dan Maes, in August fundraising and has almost the same sum in the bank as Democrat John Hickenlooper, a sign the race could be more competitive than previously thought.

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As Maes’ Door Closes, Tancredo’s Door Opens

It appears that Republican Dan Maes is in a pretty tough spot in the Colorado gubernatorial race.

Since upending Rep. Scott McInnis in the GOP primary last month, Maes has run into a string of problems and questions about his own credibility. Earlier this week, the Post reported that Maes falsely claimed he did undercover police work in Kansas before being terminated.

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Third Party and Independent Daily: Latest Tancredo News

TPID has two new items about former Congressman Tom Tancredo’s run for Governor as an American Constitution Party candidate in Colorado:

CO: Tancredo Admits Drug War is a Failure, Calls for Legalization and Taxation of Marijuana

From the Real Vail news:

One of the more candid moments in McGarry’s interview with Tancredo was when he asked him about legalizing marijuana.… Read more ...

Tancredo at 24% in New Poll

New polling is out from the Denver Post:

Results also show that Tom Tancredo has brought Republican Party nightmares vividly to life, splitting conservative voters in half and delivering a hefty plurality to Democrat John Hickenlooper in a three-way general election race, according to the poll.

In that matchup based on interviews with 1,015 likely voters, Tancredo — representing the tiny American Constitution Party — would match Republican Dan Maes at 24 percent support, while Hickenlooper would walk away with 46 percent of the vote.

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