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Connecticut Libertarian for Congress Seeks Reductions in Government Education, Agriculture and Military

Staff at LP.org blog:

Having run twice as a write-in candidate in Connecticut’s second congressional district, this year Libertarian Dan Reale is officially on the ballot.

He sees an opportunity in growing voter disapproval of the two major parties which refuse to tackle the ballooning national debt and creeping tax hikes.… Read more ...

Business Insider: An Invitation for Libertarians

From an article published on June 26, 2011, on BusinessInsider.com:

Here at Angry Bear, we’ve had a number of posts on LIbertarians over the years. Inevitably, someone writes to tell us we’re misrepresenting Libertarians… even when we’re quoting well known libertarians.

So… if you are libertarian consider this an invitation.

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Unnamed Presidential Candidate to Announce at CTLP Convention

From James Mosher:

A Libertarian Party of Connecticut member is expected to announce his intention to run for the U.S. presidency during the party’s convention in New London next month. A press release Wednesday didn’t identify the potential candidate.

“I am pleased to announce that we have a surprise guest at our convention,” Chairman Dan Reale, who lives in Plainfield, wrote in the release.

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